Guerrillas destroy surveillance systems of the Turkish army

The Turkish army is using terrestrial surveillance systems in an attempt to gain control of the Medya Defense Zones. However, the guerrillas destroy one camera after the other.

While the Turkish military is trying with great effort to monitor the Medya Defense Zones and in this way make guerrilla units the target of air and ground attacks, the guerrillas are systematically destroying and dismantling the cameras. In a video published on the online portal Gerîla TV, footage from the regions of Xakurke, Heftanîn and Metîna regions in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) can be seen of guerrilla fighters disabling surveillance cameras. In addition, a female fighter shows cameras confiscated by the guerrillas from the Turkish army.

Two of the actions depicted took place on 13 May and 26 June in Xakurke, one on 4 August in Heftanîn and the other on 28 May in Metîna. In Metîna, a female fighter can be seen approaching a camera completely unnoticed and destroying it.

Another video shows two guerrilla fighters approaching a surveillance camera set up on a peak in Xakurke. The fighters destroy the camera by shooting at close range.

The footage from Heftanîn shows guerrillas destroying a pole-mounted camera with assault rifles.

The guerrillas see the intensive use of surveillance cameras as an admission that the use of surveillance drones has failed. The Turkish army is obviously unable to control the guerrillas with its reconnaissance drones and aircraft. In order to install a camera, units of 30 to 35 soldiers are deployed.

In the video footage, a fighter of YJA Star (Free Women's Troops) says: "The enemy uses methods like surveillance cameras and photo traps to prevent our actions in Xakurke. However, they are not an obstacle for us. To install a camera, the enemy needs a whole battalion. They place such devices in the areas they cannot control." The guerrillas destroy the installed cameras everywhere, she adds: "They want to gain control of the area, but we don't let them."