Guerrillas who shot down drones say Turkish army being defeated

The guerrillas who targeted and destroyed two drones in the Zap resistance areas explained that the Turkish state loaded explosives on drones and detonated them at the entrance of the war tunnels, but failed.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas, who displayed historical resistance in their  positions and tunnels against the occupation war launched by the Turkish army against the Zap area on 14 April, and dealt heavy blows to the invaders with mobile teams, also continue to expose the lies spread by the Turkish state by displaying their actions and results.

The images of two drones shot down by the guerrillas during the Martyr Adil War Tunnels in the Sîda Resistance Area in the Zap region show this reality.

The guerrillas, who targeted and destroyed two drones that were approaching the Martyr Adil War Tunnels, said about the action:“When the enemy wanted to approach the Martyr Just War Tunnels, it encountered the resistance and actions of the guerrillas here. Because of our resistance, it had to retreat. The enemy then wanted to keep the area under bombardment and constantly targeted it using, in particular, reconnaissance planes, tanks, howitzers and mortars. Phosphorus bombs were also used during the attacks. But all its efforts were in vain.”

The guerrillas continued: “The enemy was loading explosives into drones and detonating them at the entrance of the war tunnels. Various drones were shot down in the area. As a result of our action, a drone belonging to the invading Turkish army was destroyed. During the explosion, parts of the drone were scattered around. This drone has 6 propellers, which means it was powerful enough to lift explosives. A drone was captured without any damage to its parts.

Although the enemy attacked heavily and even carried out explosions in the war tunnels, it was defeated by the will of the guerrillas. Because the guerrillas have determination and will. The operation is still ongoing. There is only defeat for the Turkish army.”