HDP and Kurdish parties: Stand against the invasion together

HDP and Kurdish political parties said the Turkish army’s attacks are geared towards an invasion and called on the international public and organizations.

HDP and Kurdish political parties issued a joint press statement in Amed against the invasion attacks against Southern Kurdistan and the threats against Northern and Eastern Syria.

The Kurdish text was read by TKDP’s Ozan Kardas, and Turkish by HDP Amed MP Saliha Aydeniz


The statement is as follows:

“Turkey and Iran increase their invasion in the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Democratic Autonomous Administration North and East Syria territories. The Turkish army has carried out transborder attacks since 1980s ‘for security’. These attacks have nothing to do with security, and they have deepened the divide in the Kurdish issue. The Kurdish issue wasn’t resolved by security policies since the republic was founded, and it won’t be.


The Turkish army has violated international law as well as their own and turned the military operations into a permanent fixture in regions under Kurdistan Regional Government’s control. The only reason for the incursions into southern and western Kurdistan by Turkey and Iran is the fear that Kurds will have a state. However, Kurds do have the right to political status as they demand, like all other nations.


It is clear that Turkey’s issue is not with ‘border security’ or a ‘safe zone’. If it was about border security for them, they would have agreed to the joint patrol along the border. Turkey’s border security is already guaranteed by NATO, so there is no issue there. Turkey is planning for a permanent occupation in Afrin, Qamishlo and Shengal. These are not ‘operations’, this is an occupation. The planning, the stockpiling along the border and beyond, the outposts they set up and their practice in Afrin, Shehba and Xakurke are serious signs of a permanent occupation. Iran continues a similar occupation practice by expanding in KRG and NESDAA’s territory.

As such, residents of the Maxmur Camp, overseen by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), are under intense pressure and scrutiny the minute they step outside of the camp.


We as the signatory movements say;

1-We condemn Turkey and Iran’s invasion attempts on KRG and NESDAA territories. These occupations must end and military forces must withdraw. War and invasions don’t bring solutions, they will not. As such, we call for the peaceful solution of issues on a democratic basis through dialogue with Kurdistan constituents. The tried and failed methods must be abandoned. We call on all Kurdistan forces to show support to ensure the sovereign rights of the KRG, the security of its lands and citizens and the implementation of the law.


2-We are calling on the UN, NATO, Council of Europe, EU Council and international bodies to warn those who target with armed interventions and invasions the sovereign territories of KRG and NESDAA, and contribute to the solution by saying political, democratic, peaceful solutions to issues are possible.

3-We call on the peoples of Turkey, Iran and the region as well as the democratic public to stand against their own countries’ operations and say no to war in a public stance.

4-We call on our people and the political cadres to defend and grow the gains made in Kurdistan’s parts and to embrace the interests of the peoples of Kurdistan rather than parties in overcoming obstacles. If we don’t embrace gains in all four parts through the lens of Kurdistan, all will lose. It is time to view gains through the lens of Kurdistan and to embrace them. It is time to uphold gains in all parts and say they are ours together.


5-Kurdish media must avoid incendiary language in covering certain issues between our parties or institutions in this delicate time. At a time when the imposition is ‘safe zone or we burn it all down’ like so many Mongol invasions and destruction, we call on all political cadres and members of the press to embrace the gains with Kurdistan on the horizon and to take up the practice of reducing problems.

6-We believe the Kurdistan Parliament recognizing August 3 as the Yazidi Genocide on the fifth anniversary of the genocide in Shengal to be meaningful and we commend and salute them.


Azadî Movement,

Democratic Regions Party (DBP)

Democratic Society Congress (DTK)

Revolutionary Democrats (DDKD)

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP)

Human and Freedom Party (PİA)

Kurdistan Communist Party (KKP)

Kurdish Democrats Platform (KDP)

Partiya Azadi

Kurdistan Democratic Party Turkey (TKDP)