Here are the preparatory moments of the guerrillas operation in Zap...

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas carried out an operation against the Turkish troops in the region of Zap between 8 and 9 December. The preparations for this operation, the moments of the action itself and its aftermath were broadcast by Gerîla TV.

The operation in the region of Zap took place as part of the Bazên Zagros Revolutionary Initiative, organised by HPG and YJA Star guerrillas. The Turkish army suffered heavy losses in the infiltration operation. It was dealt heavy blows and hit by armed and assassination-style actions carried out one after the other, especially on the Kela Bêdewê, Ciloya Biçûk and Şehîd Munzur hills, where Turkish soldiers were trying to position.

In this guerrilla operation, the Turkish army was unable to maintain its positions despite its shields being equipped with "superior technology" and many soldiers had to leave their positions and flee, others were killed.

The guerrillas, who had been preparing to launch this operation for a long time, stated that their only aim was to "take revenge on their comrades who fell martyrs" and to "expel the invaders from the positions they are trying to take."

Reminding the Werxelê resistance commander, Cumali Çorum who said that "this resistance will turn into a great revenge and attack movement in the future," one guerrilla emphasized that "the time has come for this movement and that they will not let the invaders breathe in any area of ​​the Zagros."

HPG guerrilla Tîrêj Dijwar told Gerîla TV cameras, before the revolutionary operation began: "We have been preparing for this action for a long time, what is asked of us is our duty. Our first goal is to avenge our comrades who were martyred in this operation. It is to take revenge on the invaders who brutally murdered our comrades with chemical gases, especially in the war tunnels, and fought immorally, who came against the guerrillas with their technical power. In this action, the power of the guerrillas will be demonstrated again. The guerrillas are fighting everywhere and are getting stronger in every process, and we will fulfil our militant duties in this action."

In particular, the infiltration against the Girê Martyr Munzur area in the Ertuş region of Zap on 9 December was not an ordinary military action. According to the guerrillas, this action also offered the possibility to see many truths in terms of the current resistance process.

Because, despite the heavy weapons placed on Martyr Munzur Hill, cameras positioned at every corner, wires woven all around, and the soldiers' positions equipped with the latest technology, a group of guerrillas was able to infiltrate the Turkish soldiers' positions without being spotted, and after killing many soldiers, they confiscated their weapons and military equipment.

According to guerrilla sources, this action reveals that the Turkish army has nothing left but its technique, and when this technique is destroyed by the tactics of professional guerrillas, the soldiers are left exposed and unable to fight.

The HPG announced in a previous statement that as a result of this action, 8 Turkish soldiers were killed, many weapons and military materials were seized, and many military positions were destroyed.

YJA Star guerrilla Viyan Botan, speaking about the weapons seized from the Turkish soldiers after the action, said: "The most embarrassing thing for a soldier is to have his weapon taken from him and used against him."

Botan added: "But Turkish soldiers do not have this shame either," and said that the soldiers left their positions at the first bullet and were looking for a hole to escape.

The images also show that all the guerrillas who took part in the action returned to their bases safely. They can be seen celebrating their success with guerrilla songs and dances.

This is not their first and won’t be their last action, said the Zap guerrillas, adding that this operation will continue until victory.

In its statement on 31 December, the HPG Press Center reported that the Turkish army had withdrawn, unable to hold on any longer, from the Martyr Munzur Hill, Martyr Serxwebûn Hill and Ciloya Biçûk (Küçük Cilo) areas of the region of Zap.