HPG pays tribute to guerrilla Jiyan Welat

The HPG paid tribute to guerrilla Jiyan Welat, who died in an accident in the Medya Defense Areas ten years ago.

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement in memory of Jiyan Welat. The young Kurdish woman from Amed was a militant of the PKK/PAJK and a courageous guerrilla of the YJA Star. She died in an accident in the Medya Defense Areas on 8 November 2013. “We remember our comrade Jiyan Welat, who, like Zîlan, fought with great love for her people, her country and a free life. We extend our condolences to your precious family and our patriotic people. We promise to let Jiyan’s memory live on in our struggle,” the HPG said.

 Codename: Jiyan Welat

 First and last name: Jiyan Şahin

 Place of birth: Amed

 Names of mother and father: Remziye – Ahmet

 Date and place of death: 8-11-2013 / Medya Defense Areas

The statement said that Jiyan Welat was born in Amed-Farqîn (Diyarbakir-Silvan) and grew up in an environment close to the Kurdish liberation movement. The HPG described the Amed region as an important center of the freedom struggle from which major militants emerged. The people of Amed are "known for their rebellious attitude, their uncompromising attitude towards the enemy and their insistence on freedom. They have always maintained this attitude and thus provided a clear answer to the genocidal policy of the Turkish colonial state. Amed was host at the founding of the PKK 45 years ago and later supported our fight with serhildan. The people have sent their most precious children to our liberation struggle and ensured its further development. The people of Amed have become the PKK, a pioneer of our revolution."

Jiyan was one of the brave women from Amed who grew up and was formed in this historical reality. She dropped out of school in 2009 and joined the guerrillas in Amed. From there she went to the Medya Defense Areas for training, where she was taught the principles of guerrilla life. Guerrilla Jiyan enthusiastically participated in the training session and communitarian life, focusing on the women's liberation struggle. She prepared herself to fight against the Turkish state as a free woman.

The HPG said: "Through her ideological and military training, she became a professional guerrilla. A sacrificial spirit emerged in her personality, which made her a leading militant. Heval Jiyan has left a deep mark on her comrades with her simple sincerity and warmth. Her warm and sincere laughter was a source of morale. Accepting her untimely death is difficult. We give our word to do justice to the life and memory of our comrade."