HPG releases 2-month balance sheet of war

The HPG Press Centre released a 2-month balance sheet of war. Accordingly, 744 guerrilla actions were carried out and 985 Turkish soldiers were killed in guerrilla actions, while numerous military vehicles, including 3 helicopters, were destroyed.

The Press Centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) on Tuesday published a balance sheet of war for the past two months. The balance sheet, which covers the period between 14 April and 14 June, includes the following:

"Two months have passed since the beginning of the invasion in Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has resisted the invasion everywhere and has entered a phase of war of historic proportions. Despite the fact that the Turkish state is using the most advanced military technology, NATO support, the use of Kurdish traitors and collaborators and the shelling of the resistance areas thousands of times with howitzers, mortars and attack helicopters and bombing by fighter jets, it has not been able to achieve any results. The Turkish army is stuck in Zap and therefore extended its attacks to the areas west of the Zap River on the night of 25 May. This operation was confronted by our revolutionary offensive Cenga Xabûrê Şehîd Savaş Maraş. The Turkish army had tried to break up their muddled situation in the Zap region, but they were targeted more by the guerrillas and did not achieve their goal.


The Freedom Guerrilla of Kurdistan, which has restructured itself into a guerrilla of democratic modernity on the basis of the People's Revolutionary War strategy, has put the new guerrilla tactics into practice with the utmost professionalism and creativity. The terrain-based positional and tunnel warfare and the use of the mobile and semi-mobile units, through which every detail of the terrain is skilfully utilised, have proved in practice to be an effective form of modern-day guerrilla warfare. The two-month phase of the war represented a completely new stage in military terms. This is also expressed in the level of conviction of the combatants, their will, morale, motivation and determination to win.

Our forces are fighters who are ready to make sacrifices, who have made a firm decision for freedom with great Apoist consciousness and are ready to risk anything in the struggle for it. It became clear that neither the most modern technology nor the cruelest attacks of the Turkish state and its lackeys could ever be successful against the power of the guerrillas. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has proved once again, with its struggle under the most difficult conditions and great sacrifices, that it is the hope of freedom for all oppressed peoples and classes, especially the oppressed peoples of Kurdistan.

The Turkish army is helpless against our resistance in the war tunnels and positions. Therefore, it resorted to the dirtiest methods and used chemical weapons and explosives 779 times. These acts are war crimes. The guerrillas carried out many comprehensive and coordinated actions in the course of their revolutionary offensive. They combined the tactics of ambushes, infiltrations, raids and sabotage actions and hit the invading forces hard again and again. Our forces have come across the bodies of at least 30 soldiers during revolutionary retaliatory actions and identity cards, weapons and equipment have been confiscated even from high-ranking military officers. Despite these facts, the criminal Turkish state is, as always, trying to hide its losses and continue to spread false victory propaganda in its special war media.


Although the Turkish state carried out hundreds of comprehensive operations against our forces, both in the Medya Defense Areas and in Northern Kurdistan, it could not achieve any results. Our forces let the vast majority of these operations come to nothing and developed creative actions in Botan, Serhed and Amed. With these, they dealt heavy blows to the occupants.

Our fallen comrades, who fought sacrificially, put up an epoch-making resistance to the Turkish state and stopped the comprehensive invasion operation. They have achieved important results. In this process of resistance, which developed thanks to the great effort and self-sacrificing resistance and attitude of our martyrs, a total of 58 of our comrades died, 13 of them in chemical weapons attacks. The successes that our martyrs have created with their blood are the guarantee of our freedom and dignity and an order for us to win."


The HPG balance sheet for the period between 14 April and 14 June includes the following:

Turkish attacks on the Medya Defense Zones

2065 airstrikes

1493 helicopter attacks

779 attacks with chemical weapons and explosives on guerrilla positions

Guerrilla actions

One action by the Air-Defense Forces

Two revolutionary operations

15 infiltrations

11 raids on Turkish positions

41 coordinated guerrilla actions

101 sabotage actions

132 assassinations

Two ambushes

151 actions with heavy weapons

288 clashes and actions by shelling

In total, the guerrillas carried out 744 actions.

Results of the guerrilla actions

985 soldiers were killed, two of whom were high-ranking.

166 soldiers were injured.

Confiscated weapons and equipment

7 MPT-55 infantry rifles

1 MPT-66 infantry rifle

2 M-16 infantry rifles

2 pistols

1 BKC machine gun

1 B-7 rocket launcher

2 grenade launchers

4 grenades

2 assault (steel) vests

2 cartridge belts

5 magazines

1 thermal camera

1 thermal binocular

6 night-vision devices

4 mines

1 remote mine detonator

848 M-16 and BKC cartridges

4 mobile phones

3 helmet cameras

1 pointer

1 solar panel

1 compass

2 knives

1 battery

4 military rucksacks

8 hand torches

Military equipment and vehicles destroyed by our forces

1 attack helicopter

2 Sikorsky transport helicopters

1 tank

2 armoured vehicles

2 BKC machine guns

2 A4 weapons

1 jammer

3 radar systems

15 drones

1 thermal camera

1 telescope

20 surveillance camera systems

2 listening devices

1 photo trap

1 container

2 motion detectors

1 camouflage tent

9 military tents

29 military positions

Vehicles and equipment damaged by our forces

20 attack helicopters

26 Sikorsky transport helicopters

5 drones

11 military positions