HSM congratulates guerrillas on revolutionary operations against Turkish troops

“A strong and powerful army and state fights against the military force that confronts it, not against the defenseless civilian population and, above all, not against the livelihoods of the civilian population,” said the HSM.

The Central Headquarters of the People's Defence Forces congratulated the guerrillas involved in the major guerrilla actions against Turkish troops and condemned the Turkish state's attacks on the civilian population in Rojava.

On 22 and 23 December, the guerrillas struck the Turkish invasion forces at four locations in the guerrilla-held Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). Dozens of positions were destroyed and, according to the People's Defence Forces (HPG), 88 soldiers were killed. Although the Medya Defence Zones are located in northern Iraq, the Turkish air force launched a major attack on civilian infrastructure and residential areas in Rojava (northern Syria) in retaliation.

The Central Headquarters of the People's Defence Forces (HSM) released a congratulatory message titled "To All Commanders and Fighters Involved in Revolutionary Operations!", which includes the following:

"Dear comrades!

On 22 and 23 December, successful actions and revolutionary operations were carried out in four different places within 24 hours in the regions of Xakurke, Metîna, Zap and Şehîd Delîl Zagros Western Zap.

In the 'Revolutionary Operation Şehîd Ahmed Rûbar' in Xakurke on 22 December, the guerrillas succeeded in penetrating the enemy positions with an attack tactic and killing 27 members of the occupying forces. The fighters searched the bodies of 17 soldiers, seized many weapons and military equipment and destroyed the rest.

Also on 22 December, invading troops in the Girê Ortê Resistance Area in Metîna were targeted by a coordinated guerrilla operation and nine of the occupying forces were killed. This action showed that the forces in the region can achieve greater success if they focus in this way.

In the Şehîd Delil Zagros Western Zap region, the enemy forces at Girê Amêdîyê were targeted on 23 December by a coordinated, comprehensive revolutionary operation from seven directions. The operation began with offensive tactics on the initiative of the guerrillas. 34 members of the invading forces were killed, 26 tents and positions and many weapons were destroyed, dealing a heavy blow to the enemy's occupation plans.

Also on 23 December, Şehîd Melsa Mûş Revolutionary Operation was carried out in the Kurojahro Resistance Area in Zap region. A tactic of infiltrating enemy positions was used, 18 members of the invading forces were killed, three bodies were searched, and military equipment was confiscated. This represents a very significant success. The fact that this operation was carried out very quickly, that the initiative was permanently with the guerrillas and that there were no casualties shows that it was a very successful revolutionary operation that reflects the guerrillas' current form of action.

We congratulate our Zap Provincial Command, Xakurkê Provincial Command, Şehîd Delîl Zagros Western Zap Provincial Command and Metîna Provincial Command, all fighters and commanders who participated in these actions, and all comrades who contributed to these actions at all levels for their success.

The fact that the guerrillas take on their revolutionary tasks in every season, under all conditions and everywhere, with an Apoist spirit of sacrifice and realize them with indomitable will and determination is revealed in this important war achievement. It dealt a heavy blow to the Turkish occupation army and the fascist AKP/MHP special war regime and shook it to the core. The Turkish state was forced to disclose only a small part of its heavy losses in Xakurke and the Şehîd Delîl Zagros area in the western Zap region, but tried to completely conceal its losses in Metîna and especially those in the highly successful Şehîd Melsa Mûş Revolutionary Operation in the Kurojahro resistance area in Zap province. But just like the historic operation in Ankara by the Battalion of the Immortals on 1 October 2023, these revolutionary operations have once again exposed all the lies of the Turkish special war regime. Everyone should be aware that the Turkish state is doomed to defeat by our revolutionary strategy.

The Turkish state, which is receiving a series of heavy blows from the guerrillas, is trying to deceive public opinion in Turkey and worldwide by spreading the lie that our forces have suffered heavy losses. In this way, it is trying to overcome the effects of the shock it suffered and to encourage the fascist mob. However, as our patriotic people and the entire public have been informed, we have not suffered any losses in this context, with the exception of our companions Memyan, Helmet, Welat and Hüseyin. We commemorate our four fallen companions with respect and gratitude. They faced the enemy with a spirit of Apoist sacrifice. We promise to realize their goals by adding more success to their achievements.

The fascist AKP/MHP regime, shaken by the heavy blows it has suffered, is targeting residential areas and civilian institutions that have no organic links and relations to the war being waged after the revolutionary operations. This action is cowardly and despicable, but also an expression of defeat. It is clear that a strong and powerful army and state fights against the military force that confronts it, not against the defenseless civilian population and, above all, not against the livelihoods of the civilian population. This can only be the work of murderous and inhuman forces, enemies of the people. The arbitrary arrests in Northern Kurdistan and the targeted attacks on hospitals, printing houses, factories, electricity and energy supply facilities in Rojava are a violation of the international law of war and brutal state terror against our people. However, in the face of the just cause of the Kurdish people, this murderous regime will not be able to save itself from defeat. The future will not be won by this outdated mentality, but by the revolutionary will for fraternity and free unity of the peoples, for democracy and freedom.

We once again congratulate the fighters and commanders who have achieved these important successes and greet all comrades with the sincerest revolutionary feelings. We are convinced that they will achieve even greater success and wish them every success."