HSM vows to follow the KCK’s call for ceasefire due to earthquake

HSM expressed support for the KCK's call for an immediate ceasefire due to the earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian border area, stating that the guerrillas are ready to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the population.

The Central Headquarters of the People's Defence Forces (HSM) expressed its support for the call of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) for an immediate ceasefire due to the earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian border area. The guerrillas are ready to support the KCK in its efforts to stop the fighting and thus contribute to alleviating the suffering of the affected population, said a statement by the HSM sent to ANF.

The KCK, the umbrella organisation of the Kurdish movement, to which the PKK also belongs, had called for a cessation of military action in Kurdistan on Friday night. Cemil Bayık, co-chairman of the KCK Executive Council, stated that it was necessary to prevent people from experiencing even more suffering in this affliction. Bayık emphasised, however, that the attitude of the Turkish state would be of central importance in the implementation of this decision.

"Monday's devastating earthquake with epicentre in Pazarcık is a great disaster. It has caused great damage and our people have suffered many victims. Tens of thousands of people from the Kurdish, Turkish and Arab populations have lost their lives and tens of thousands are still waiting to be rescued from the rubble. We deeply share the pain of our peoples. We wish peace for the dead and extend our condolences to their families and loved ones. To the injured, we wish a speedy recovery.

We understand it as a humanitarian, conscientious and moral duty to ease the pain of our peoples and heal their wounds. The best approach will be to alleviate and overcome the difficulties of these days through unity and solidarity. We also want to support this. Therefore, all members of our defence forces as well as patriotic institutions should rush to the aid of the people and mobilise help. Especially the rural areas and villages, which are neglected anyway and are cut off from any help even now, need urgent support. This is undoubtedly the most important humanitarian and patriotic task at this time. On this basis, we agree with the call of comrade Cemil Bayık in the name of KCK Executive Council and declare that his demands will be met in practice.

In this context, our call is to all associations of guerrillas, fighting groups and self-defence units: all action plans and corresponding activities in the cities and metropolises must be stopped immediately. No military action should be taken in the rural areas either, as long as there are no attacks by Turkish armed forces on our members. This instruction is valid until revoked and it is an essential duty for all legitimate defence forces to strictly follow it.

It is well known that the AKP/MHP regime has been putting all of Turkey's resources into war for years as part of its genocidal policy in Kurdistan and spending huge amounts in its attacks against our forces and the institutions of our people. This country is ruled by a regime whose members enrich themselves personally in various ways. There is no investment in the lives and security of the people and no expenditure on infrastructure. The result of this policy is suffering for all the peoples of Turkey. The scale of the earthquakes is catastrophic. In order to alleviate the suffering of the people, social solidarity and help from below is needed. In this framework, we respectfully declare that we will fulfil our responsibilities in accordance with the decisions and perspectives of the political will of our people and our revolution."