'Jin, Jiyan, Azadi' springs to life in these lands

Kurdish children are fighting so that the cries of mothers do not remain only in lamentations. Kurdish women are fighting in the mountains to remember Taybet and Aqîde mothers.

Every person bears a resemblance to the land where they are born and raised. People grow with the colour of their own soil. They keep in step with the flow of the waters in their country. Especially if it is a region full of fights, their lives are led by fights just like Sara and others. A fight that is right and persistent to the end...

There is a tremendous bond between woman and earth. Because earth is life, mother and creator. Therefore, if women are removed from the lands they live on, they revolt. This revolt is sometimes expressed in lamentations, sometimes in crying and sometimes in fights. But the revolt was maintained over time, turning into a great war. Because women are a rebellion against victimization. Neither earth nor women will ever accept victimization.


Let's take a look at the lands of Kurdistan, which is divided into four parts.  A land that is still subjected to destruction, and the Kurdish people who are protecting it... The mountain people... And the brave women fighters of the mountain people... In previous times when everything about Kurdish identity was silenced, our mothers and grandmothers prophesized in their laments and stories that the revolt would eventually come one day. We are now living in a period when the prophesy is being fulfilled.

They have gone to their original place, the mountains. They have not done so to take shelter or to escape from persecutors. They have gone to the mountains to fight! To take revenge for the occupied land, for the free loves that have vanished. They are fighting for a language that is destroyed. Kurdish children are fighting so that the outbursts of mothers do not remain only in lamentations. Kurdish women are fighting in the mountains to remember Taybet and Aqîde mothers. Therefore, Kurdish women are not victims at all.


Revolts and fights have never ended in the story of our land. As in every revolt, the Turkish state which attempted to impose victimization on the Kurdish Freedom Movement has failed colossally. A large NATO army, all kinds of chemical weapons in their inventory and a hopeless case… Long-haired Kurdish women fighting along with their comrades in battle tunnels are now revolting. They have been fighting so ferociously that the Turkish army had to admit that the 'PKK is a women's movement'.

Those who impose victimization have been stuck on our land. They are victims because they cannot fight. They are victims because they are desperate enough to burn the dead bodies of their own soldiers. They are victims again, because the comrades of Zelal and Esmer who fought in Heftanîn are fighting in the mountains of Zap. The Turkish army is trapped in the laughter of Kurdish women's revolts.


Jin (woman) gives hope in this land. Because jin is jiyan (life) in our land. The women are fighting so that jin and jiyan can find life in azadi (freedom). This is the age when the philosophy of 'jin, jiyan, azadi' peaked. Time is revealing it now.

There comes a time when a woman revolts in order not to be captured. She throws herself from bridges like Rindê. The moment comes when she throws herself from the cliffs, condemning the betrayal of her country like Berîtan. There comes a time when the revolt grows with the action of Rûken and Sara. At this very moment, the long- haired Mawa of 17 shields her body against the invasion. Time becomes helbest… It's time for freedom.