KCK calls for organization of self-defence against attacks everywhere

Calling for widespread self-defence in the face of increasing Turkish attacks, KCK said, “The Turkish state attacks everywhere, therefore, self-defence must also be omnipresent. Our people should defend themselves everywhere to thwart attacks and plans."

In view of the escalating Turkish attacks, murders and assassinations on the Kurdish population, the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) calls for self-defence and remembers the civil activists Suheyl Xurşîd Ezîz and Evizet Abdullah Abid, who have been killed by Turkish attacks in recent days.

The KCK statement released on Tuesday includes the following:


"On 28 August 2022, the member of the executive council of Tevgera Azadî, the South Kurdish patriot Suheyl Xurşîd Ezîz, was murdered by agents and collaborators of the Turkish state. We condemn this attack and curse those who perpetrated it. We offer our condolences to the peoples of Kurdistan, especially to the family of the martyr and his party, Tevgera Azadî. We remember with respect and gratitude all the martyrs of the revolution and the struggle for democracy in the person of the great patriot and fighter Suheyl Xurşîd Ezîz, and we reaffirm our promise that we will preserve their memory.

The Kurdish freedom struggle is at a critical and historic stage. The Kurdish people have been waging a tenacious and uninterrupted struggle against colonialism for over a hundred years and have achieved significant successes at great sacrifice. The colonialist Turkish state, on the other hand, wants to eliminate the achievements by suppressing the freedom struggle in all four parts of Kurdistan and to force the Kurdish people into the colonial order - as it did a hundred years ago. In order to achieve this goal, the Turkish state has intensified its attacks in the four parts of Kurdistan and everywhere where the struggle for the freedom of the Kurdish people is being waged. These attacks are taking place everywhere, from Bashur (Southern Kurdistan) to Rojava (Western Kurdistan), from Shengal to Maxmur to Bakur (Northern Kurdistan). These attacks on the four parts of Kurdistan and everywhere where Kurds are located reveal the genocidal character of the Turkish state. It aims to end the existence of the Kurds.


This attack on our comrade Suheyl Xurşîd Ezîz is a part of this genocide. The friend was also known as Mamoste (teacher) Shemal. He was a champion of the people of South Kurdistan. He fought for the freedom of Kurdistan all his life and was a representative of the patriotic line. He walked the path of the martyrs and left a great legacy. Undoubtedly, the patriotic people of Kurdistan will continue the path he took and protect his legacy.

Mamoste Shemal was also a Kurdish intellectual. He wrote numerous works on the history and region of Kurdistan. The death of such a valuable patriot and intellectual is a cause for mourning for the entire Kurdish freedom struggle and the peoples of Kurdistan. But the martyrs are not a loss to the Kurdish freedom struggle, they have always been a source of strength.


The Turkish state has also increased air strikes on the Soran area. The increase of attacks on Soran is not taking place without a reason. The Turkish colonial fascism is trying to liquidate the patriotic line through its attacks and to give dominance to the collaborators and traitors. The Soran region plays an important role in the development of the Kurdish nation and the Kurdish freedom struggle. Soran is one of the places where Kurdish consciousness and patriotism were formed and have been preserved until today. The region maintains this function for Kurdistan. It is a region where collaboration does not play a role and patriotism is preserved and clearly represented. This special feature of the Soran region is of great importance to Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. This attitude of the people there is considered as an obstacle by the Turkish state. Through its attacks, the Turkish state aims to liquidate this patriotic line and impose the line of collaboration. This is the main reason why the Turkish state has intensified its attacks in the Soran region and around Sulaymaniyah. All the people of Kurdistan, especially our people in the Soran region, should know this reality and resist these attacks decisively. Kurdish intellectuals, writers and artists should also better understand this truth and take their responsibility. It is their task to raise public awareness in order to foil the enemy's plan. The patriotic political forces of Kurdistan should also unite in the face of these attacks and take a stronger stand against collaboration and betrayal.


The Turkish state not only attacks and murders Kurdish freedom fighters, but also patriots. With the massacres of patriots, the Turkish state wants to break the will of the people, intimidate them and dissuade them from fighting. Our people should be aware of this aim of the enemy and act accordingly. They should defend themselves everywhere in order to thwart these attacks and plans of the enemy. The Turkish state attacks everywhere - therefore, self-defence must also be omnipresent. This is not only about direct self-defence, but also about punishing the enemy and its collaborators wherever they may be. This is both a task and an obligation. Our people must not leave their defence to anyone else; they must take it on themselves.


It is a gross distortion to claim that only PKK members are attacked or that the attacks take place because of the PKK. The murders of comrades Mamoste Shemal and Evizet Abdullah Abid have shown this once again. Those who collaborate with the Turkish occupation state and those who betray the people and the cause of Kurdistan try to create such a perception in order to hide and legitimise their betrayal. But it is obvious that this is a futile attempt to hide their own betrayal by it. The Turkish state is an enemy of the Kurds and turns against all those who fight for the freedom of Kurdistan. It attacks both PKK members and patriots. The PKK is targeted by the enemy because it defends Kurdistan and fights for freedom. The enemy knows that it cannot carry out its genocide as long as the PKK exists. That is why he is attacking the PKK and the guerrillas.


On Monday, the Turkish state attacked a vehicle near Behreva in Xanêsor (Khanasor) in the Shengal region and the Maxmur refugee camp. In the attack on Maxmur refugee camp, Evizet Abdullah Abid was killed at home. Our friend Evizet Abdullah Abid was a great patriot and part of our struggle, just like Mamoste Shemal. We condemn this attack and remember comrade Evizet Abdullah Abid with respect and gratitude. We offer our condolences to his family, the residents of Maxmur camp and the peoples of Kurdistan. All these attacks reveal the anti-Kurdish character and the murderous face of the Turkish state. All the people of Kurdistan, especially the residents of Maxmur camp and the Shengal region, should express their anger and position towards these attacks.


The Iraqi government and the regional government of South Kurdistan must stand up against these attacks. Those murdered are citizens of South Kurdistan and Iraq. The Turkish state has repeatedly carried out attacks and massacres. Until today, however, neither South Kurdistan nor the Iraqi government have shown any serious reaction. In the Perex massacre, there were massive popular protests against the Turkish state, but the government and political forces ignored them and fobbed off the people with token reactions. If this had not been done, if the protests of the people in Iraq and South Kurdistan had been taken up and acted accordingly, today's attacks would not have happened. Therefore, the governments of South Kurdistan and Iraq bear a share of responsibility in view of the attacks. By their inaction, they are complicit in the massacres of the Turkish state. It is part of their responsibility to take a stand against the attacks of the Turkish state.

There is no doubt that the patriotic people of Kurdistan will defend the martyrs and their struggle, and the attacks of the Turkish state will not achieve their goal. As the Kurdish freedom movement, we once again commemorate all those who fell for the revolution and democracy, and we reaffirm our pledge to lead their struggle to victory."