KODAR and PJAK launch campaign for democracy against execution

KODAR and PJAK called on all the peoples living in Iran and East Kurdistan to join the campaign “Yes to Democracy, No to Death Penalty”.

KODAR [Democratic and Free Society of East Kurdistan] and PJAK [Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan] have released a joint statement on Thursday announcing the launch of a new campaign. Accordingly, the “Yes to Democracy, No to Death Penalty” campaign is included in the scope of the campaign launched by the KCK [Kurdistan Communities Union] on September 12 under the motto [End Isolation, Fascism, Occupation; Time for Freedom”.

KODAR and PJAK highlighted the importance of their campaign with regards to the unity of all peoples in Iran who demand their rights.

The joint statement emphasised the need of the Kurdish people and the oppressed peoples of the Middle East for a radical struggle and freedom, saying: “Popular movements should act basing on an ideal in order for peoples to have a will, join the works and take to the streets.”

The statement continued; “With our extended campaign, we are joining the works in four parts of Kurdistan and Europe. The Kurdish Freedom Movement bears the line, idea and philosophy of a struggle under the lead of the Apoist Movement. It possesses a radical practice in the Middle East amidst the Third World War waged by status quoist and fascist states. This campaign does not concern East Kurdistan alone, but the entire Kurdistan territory and aims for the attainment of the rights of Iranian peoples.”

Pointing to the wars, imposition of slavery, hunger, unemployment and many other social issues in the Middle East, KODAR and PJAK noted that the powers responsible for this situation are subjecting Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan to isolation.

“Time for the freedom of oppressed peoples and Leader Öcalan. The enemy also knows only too well that the freedom of both is connected to each other,” the two organizations said.

KODAR and PJAK called on everyone to join this campaign and to turn all houses, neighborhoods and squares to fields of struggle in order for democracy to develop in East Kurdistan and Iran, for executions to stop and for justice to be established.

“It is time for democracy and freedom. The peoples in Iran need freedom more than everyone else,” the statement said and called on peoples to play their role in the campaign for the development of peace and freedom in both Iran and the Middle East.

KODAR and PJAK ended the statement saying: “A joint struggle, unity and solidarity can stop the occupation and atrocities. The participation of Iranians and the Kurds in Europe is of great importance for the campaign to succeed. We believe that our people in Europe will play their role in the campaign. Öcalan is the leader of freedom and democracy. Without him being free, peoples cannot be free either.”