Maxmur co-chair Kara: Negotiations will continue and so will the resistance

The co-chair of the People's Council of Maxmur, Yusif Kara, said after talks with Iraqi and UN officials that Iraq intends to continue digging trenches around the camp. Both the negotiations and the resistance continue.

A delegation from Camp Maxmûr met with representatives of the UN and the Iraqi government on Tuesday. During the conversation, the delegation conveyed the demands of the population of the camp of refugees from Northern Kurdistan.

Following the talk, Yusif Kara, co-chair of the People's Council of Maxmur, made a brief statement to the crowd who have been holding a vigil to resist the military siege since Saturday.

Kara said that the will and resistance of the population and the Kurdish public has made the siege plan fail for the time being. "We stopped them for the moment, but they are sticking to their plan and saying they will do it. At the moment there is no telling what will happen now and what they will do. If they want to continue digging trenches around the camp, we will continue our resistance as well as talks. If anything comes up, we'll let you know."

Regarding the resistance of the people of Maxmur, Kara said: "This camp has paid a heavy price and is known worldwide for its resistance and attitude. This is an honor for the people of Maxmur, it is a wonderful thing."