More restrictions for villagers in Bana

The village of Bana in the province of Şirnak has been under military blockade for about two months. It is forbidden to graze animals or even water the gardens in the village.

Entry and exit to 5 regions of Güçlükonak district has been prohibited for 15 days.

According to the statement made by Şırnak Governor, entry and exit and all civilian activities in the rural areas between Tepe, Ormaniçi Creek, north of the Tigris River, and east of the village of Ormaniçi are prohibited between 15 September 2023 and 29 September 2023.

The village of Bana, where many people were detained in house raids at the beginning of July, has been under military blockade for about two months.

Currently, soldiers carry out heavy security checks at the entrance and exit of the village. Villagers were also prohibited from going to their gardens in the afternoon.

According to MA's news, the villagers reacted to the constant introduction of new bans and stated that they were subjected to pressure from the soldiers who told them that they won’t be allowed to take out their animals until the ban was over.

The bans severely affect the daily lives of both villagers and the animals that are their source of income.

Villagers stated that the soldiers made an announcement from the village mosque on Thursday evening. "The soldiers stated that it is forbidden to go out of the village and graze the animals. We have been questioned for more than a month when entering and exiting the village. These prohibitions have damaged the psychology of our children."