MP Zebari: Turkish attacks killed 150 civilians in South Kurdistan since 2015

The Turkish regime continues its genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people in various parts of Kurdistan.

Zikri Zebari, member of the Kurdistan Region Parliament, stated that the Turkish state has killed 150 civilians in their territories in the past seven years.

The occupying Turkish state’s attacks against southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) continue unabated. According to Rojnews agency, Zikri Zebari, member of the Kurdistan Region Parliament, denounced the ever-increasing attacks of the Turkish state.

The parliamentarian stated that 150 civilians have been killed by Turkish airstrikes since 2015, and 134 others were wounded.

Attacks by the Turkish state claimed the lives of five people in the town of Axchalar in Chamchamal, Sulaymaniyah last month alone. A simultaneous attack in Maxmur left one civilian dead.

On the other hand, two children were killed by the Turkish attacks on the region of Bamerne in Amadiya, Duhok province.