People of Shengal resisted - corridor open again

The protest by the people of Shengal has achieved results and the Rojava-Shengal Humanitarian Corridor has been reopened.

The people of Shengal have achieved results in the protest they have continued since December 15 when the Rojava-Shengal Humanitarian Corridor was closed by Iraq. The corridor has been reopened.

After the corridor was closed by Iraqi forces, Shengal youth put up a tent along the Rojava-Shengal border line to protest the decision.

Authorities have reopened the corridor between Rojava and Shengal following two days of discussions.

The people demand that the corridor be opened with an official protocol, but Iraqi army officials say they don’t have the authority to sign an official protocol, adding that the corridor would remain open nonetheless.

The officials at the border said it was possible to go to Baghdad and resolve the issue to reopen the corridor in an official protocol.

The people gathered again after the meeting and built bonfires.

Iraqi army forces moved the dirt that had been piled on to cut off the corridor and opened the way.


Qehtan Elî spoke in the name of the protesters along the border and said: “We spoke about the corridor being opened in an official protocol during the meetings. But the military officials say they don’t have that authority. We will take our demand to Baghdad and we will follow up on the issue. We will continue our actions until the corridor is opened with an official protocol.”

The people continue their protest along the border.