People of Shengal support the 'Operation Revenge' against MIT-KDP agent network

Khanasor Assembly Co-Chair Henan Xanesori and Sinûnê Assembly Co-Chair Seyîdo Eli said that the people of Shengal supported the "Operation Revenge" launched against the agent network under the control of KDP-MIT in Shengal.

On Tuesday, the special units of the Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) and the security forces of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Shengal launched a joint operation against an agent network in the Yazidi region in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). A network of spies of the Turkish secret service and South Kurdistan’s ruling party, KDP, which closely collaborates with it, provides coordinates for deadly air attacks on representatives of the Shengal Autonomous Administration and its defence forces.

Several spies affiliated with MIT and the KDP have been caught during the operation so far. Speaking about the operation, Henan Xanesorî, Co-chair of the Khanasor (Xanesor) Assembly, stated that the operation launched by the Shengal Security Forces and the YBŞ-YJŞ was supported by the Yazidi people.

Pointing out that the Yazidi people have never tolerated betrayal, Henan Xanesorî said: “The Yazidis govern themselves with the Autonomous Administration system developed by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. For this very reason, the enemy wants to turn our youth into spies working on their behalf. Dozens of our friends have been martyred because of the spies recruited by them so far. We will expose all the agents of the enemy in Shengal. We thank our military forces for this operation. We will fight alongside them to the last drop of our blood. I call upon all our people to embrace all our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Shengal.”

Sinûnê Assembly Co-chair Seyîdo Eli also expressed support for "Operation Revenge", stating: “This is a very important operation. Our military forces carried out a similar operation against ISIS cells two years ago. I believe that there is always a need for such operations. The issue of the agents is also a political matter, since the forces that do not gain recognition in society want to destabilize its stability through agents. The KDP wants to defame Shengal’s Yazidis. A while ago, the KDP forced two young Yazidi youngsters to state that they would bomb the Bashur (South Kurdistan) camps where Yazidis are staying. Their aim is to disturb the peace of Shengal and to defame its people. Our youths should not be deceived by these schemes and evil plans.”

Seyîdo Eli continued: “The KDP introduces such schemes to prevent people from returning to Shengal and to make it look like Shengal is not safe. From Mam Zeki to comrade Dijwar, we paid a huge price for Shengal's liberation and peace. We've been paying these prices for centuries anyway. Thanks to our heroic martyrs and military forces, we remain standing and we do not need anyone. We have our own defence forces. We will never leave our lands. We will resist the attacks to the end by following in the footsteps of our martyrs.”