Rojava delegation visited family of KCK Diyar Xerib

A delegation consisting of PYD co-chairs, and executives from TEV-DEM and Qamishlo Canton visited the family of Martyr Diyar Xerib.

The Rojava delegation visited the family of Diyar Xerib, a member of the KCK Presidential Council who lost his life on 5 July following Turkish warplanes air raids. 

The Rojava delegation expressed their condolences to the family of Martyr Diyar Xerib and promised to continue his struggle.

Martyr' Families Commission co-chair Welide Boti also conveyed the condolence message of Kongreya Star to the mother of Martyr Diyar Xerib.

Martyr Diyar Xerib was commemorated with ceremonies held in Rojava, Dêrik, Qamishlo, Kobanê and many other places around the world as well as in Başur Kurdistan.