Shengal Autonomous Administration: Why didn't Macron visit Shengal?

The Shengal Autonomous Administration criticized the cancellation of French President Emmanuel Macron 's visit to Shengal and stated that the governments of Baghdad and Hewler may have played a role.

In a written statement, the Shengal Autonomous Administration pointed out that significant changes are taking place in the world and the Middle East and raised concern over the situation of the Yazidis and Shengal. The Autonomous Administration recalled the genocidal attacks and massacres the Yazidis were subjected to in the 21st century and stated that the situation of the Yazidis was barely debated at the meeting attended by the countries of the region on August 28.

The Autonomous Administration stated that they described the evaluations of French President Emmanuel Macron as “very important”, saying, “Macron had promised to visit the Yazidi community and Shengal. Why was this visit not made?”

The Autonomous Administration has a suspicion that the governments of Baghdad and Hewler played a role in the cancellation of Macron's visit to Shengal. “Everyone knows why Shengal could not be rebuilt and who prevented the return of the IDPs. Mr. Macron also pointed to this situation. However, what Macron said should not remain as a statement, it should be put into practice. In particular, the Turkish state, which seeks to evacuate Shengal from the Yazidis through its attacks, should be held accountable. The rights of Yazidis cannot be guaranteed by press statements. The international community should make efforts for the rights of Yazidis.”

The Autonomous Administration noted that the Yazidis in refugee camps have not been allowed to return to Shengal for seven years. “Our people are mishandled in the camps under the KDP administration. On August 30, our people in the Qadiya camp were exposed to an air attack by Turkey. We offer our condolences to the families of the martyrs and wish the injured a quick recovery.”

The Autonomous Administration pointed out that the pro-KDP media outlets and institutions are trying to legitimize this attack and asked why Asayiş (local security forces) and other security institutions did not protect the people. The Autonomous Administration said the KDP claimed that it was a “mine explosion” without any investigation being carried out into the attack in the camp. The Autonomous Administration urged the UN and the Iraqi government to investigate the explosion and reveal the results to the public.

The Autonomous Administration added that “it is time to return to Shengal and build a free Shengal”.