Shengal institutions protest the murder of Yazidi man

Institutions in Shengal issued a statement against the murder of Emin Salih as a result of Turkish state attacks and called on Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government to object to Turkey’s attacks.

Institutions in Shengal issued a statement on the murder of 22 year old Emin Salih by the invading Turkish army in Dihoq’s Zaxo district.

The statement said: “The Yazidi people were forced to migrate to various places throughout the world due to ISIS attacks. Our people in camps in the Kurdistan region see their conditions worsen every day. Organizations claiming to defend human rights don’t provide the necessary support for our people, who are forced to plant crops to survive. They are targeted as they work the fields. Most recently, a child of the Ezidxane, Emin Salih, was the victim of attacks. The Turkish state disregards Iraq’s sovereignty every day in their attacks against Iraqi soil with tanks and artilleries, targeting civilians.

As institutions in Shengal, we are calling on Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government to declare their protest. How long will they remain silent in the face of this invasion? How many of our people have been killed by the invading Turkish state? The Iraqi government must launch an investigation against the murder of Yazidi youth Emin Salih. Last year it was Mahir Eli Zaxoyi who was murdered as he was working in the gardens. Mahir was 12, and was killed on the anniversary of the ‘73rd genocide.”