Three people accused of murdering DEM Party executive Ahmet Gün still at large

Three people, accused of murdering DEM Party leader Ahmet Gün in the town of Sêgirk, 9 days ago, have yet to be arrested. Only retired village guard Enver Babat has so far been taken into custody.

In the town of Sêgirk (Şenoba) in the Şirnak's district of Uludere (Qileban), Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) City Council member and party executive Ahmet Gün was killed in an armed attack in which his son Abdurrahim Gün was injured on 11 December. Mahmut Gün, who was with the father and son escaped unhurt.

Within the scope of the investigation initiated by the Uludere Chief Public Prosecutor's Office after the attack, an arrest warrant was issued for retired village guard Enver Babat (60), Ömer Yarar, village guard Sıddık Babat and his son Ebubekir Babat. Retired village guard Enver Babat was taken into custody on 11 December and sent to prison accused of "deliberate murder".

However, even though 9 days have passed since the attack, the other 3 people have still not been taken into custody.