Turkish army prevents intervention with wildfire in Bagok

After a clash with the guerrillas, the Turkish military started a fire in the town of Nusaybin. Neither the fire department nor residents are allowed through to extinguish the fire.

Since the peace talks with the PKK were ended unilaterally four years ago by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Turkish government is again conducting a genocidal war against the Kurdish population. Since summer 2015, the forests of Kurdistan are systematically burned down by the Turkish military. This is part of the counterinsurgency and expulsion policy that has been implemented in Kurdistan since the founding of the state in 1923.

Three days ago, soldiers started another devastating fire on Mount Bagok in the town of Nusaybin in Mardin province. The fire erupted following clashes with the Kurdish guerrilla forces in the region. The flames have now reached civilian settlement areas. The fire threatens the villages of Gîremîra (Girmeli), Merbab (Günyurdu), Gundikê Şukrî (Odabaşı), Xirabê Mişka (Dağiçi), Sîderî (Üçyol) and Badibbê (Dibek).

The fire department and the villagers are ready to extinguish the fire but are prevented by the military. The Turkish military operation in the area continues meanwhile.

The same area suffered from another wildfire a week ago. Due to unfavorable wind conditions, the fire could only be extinguished after two days. Hundreds of acres of cultivated land and many animals fell victims to the flames.