Turkish bombing creates 'Little Hiroshima' effect in guerrilla areas

Taking advantage of the international silence, Turkey is using tactical nuclear bombs against the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. A recent video captured the moment of the explosion of a tactical nuclear bomb which created a 'Little Hiroshima' effect.

The atomic bombs dropped by the US army on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 during the final stage of World War II had an explosive yield of 15 and 20 kilotons. A video obtained by ANF captured the effects of the tactical nuclear bombs used by the Turkish army against the bases of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Tactical nuclear weapons have become indispensable for the Turkish army in its invasion attacks against Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn regions in Medya Defense Zones, which have been continuing since April 14, 2022. Taking advantage of the silence of the international community, the Turkish army is frequently using tactical nuclear bombs which may destroy all living things in the region where they are used.


A video published by ANF on August 24 captured the moment of explosion of a tactical nuclear weapon in the Karker Resistance Area in Zap. The images showed the Turkish army, helpless in the face of the historic resistance of the HPG and YJA Star guerrillas adopting superior modern warfare methods, attacking the Girê Ortê’s battle positions with tactical nuclear bombs. The footage showed the camera recording the explosion shaken by the effect of the explosion from a distance of about 5 kilometres.

Tactical nuclear bombs were detonated simultaneously at the entrances of the battle tunnel, which the Turkish could not capture despite intense bombings containing chemical gas. A huge fireball can be seen near the tunnel entrances following the explosion which had a yield of thousands of tons of TNT.

A similar video was captured during a previous attack carried out by the invading Turkish army with tactical nuclear bombs against the Girê Martyr Zemanî battle positions in Girê Hakkarî Resistance Area.


Tactical nuclear bombs are also known as "bombs that create Little Hiroshima" effect  because they have the explosive yield of atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. A former Lieutenant General of the Turkish army, Erdogan Karakus, confessed that these bombs have been used in Kurdistan since the 1990s. In a TV program last March, Karakuş said that "those dropped on Japan were 20 kilotons, while ours are half kilotons."

Experts say that tactical nuclear bombs can be more dangerous than long-range strategic nuclear weapons. Although they are called "tactical", these nuclear bombs are used for strategic purposes, as can be seen in Kurdistan. The Turkish army is using tactical nuclear bombs to destroy the battle tunnels, caves and crossing points that it could not capture, as videos captured in the Girê Martyr Zemani and the Karker Resistance Area reveal.