Turkish Consul thanks the PUK

PUK’s decision against the Tevgera Azadi and RJAK is both wrong, and will lead to harm caused to the PUK and the efforts for Kurdish national unity. All Kurds will benefit if PUK rights this wrong.

Several Tevgera Azadî and RJAK offices have been shut down in Southern Kurdistan’s PUK-controlled areas in recent days. The first one to celebrate the news was the fascist Turkish state. As such, before long, the Turkish Consul thanked the PUK for doing so.

Of course every Kurdish person is curious why the Tevgera Azadî and RJAK offices were shut down.

The Turkish state has been pressuring the PUK for a long time and offering them various opportunities to draw them to their side and away from Kurdish unity. The opening of the airport in Sulaymaniyah, financial incentives through various commercial channels and them allowing a representation office in Ankara again are among the offers. They are trying to turn the PUK into a some sort of sister-party to the KDP. These meetings with PUK officials has been on the news as well.


KDP is at a level of advanced relations with the fascist Turkish state. To allow for the extension of the material relationship, of course the KDP has had to make concessions in the political arena. The Turkish state is imposing absolutely that the KDP prevent Kurdish national unity and stand against the PKK. There is no doubt that they demand a similar approach to Rojava from the KDP. In return for all these and more, the KDP is given opportunities for trade including the oil trade. This economic relationship is creating more and more gains for Turkey and its leader Erdogan.


There is a certain group with influence in the PUK who want this type of financial gain the KDP has. The visible price for that has been the shutting down of Tevgera Azadî and RJAK offices to date. The Turkish state will demand the restriction of the Freedom Movement, and then cooperation or at least silence regarding Rojava, and even back up in Shengal.


The possibilities listed above are those that will happen in the first phase. Turkish state tradition has been known for asking for more with every concession made, and not stopping until it has absolute obedience. They don’t leave any wiggle room for the collaborator, who has been trapped in a vise with absolute obedience. The role the ENKS has been made to play in Afrin or the KDP opening an area in Behdinan and having it turn into a permanent occupation are some examples of this. The Turkish state will try to bind the Kurd who stands in between with absolute surrender. They won’t accept the Kurd who doesn’t submit up to the last cell in the body, doesn’t transform into them or tear away from Kurdish roots.

From Union and Progress to the Kemalist regime and to the Islamist-Turkist fascist rule today, the Turkish state has always preferred the “dead Kurd”. Southern Kurds have seen this once again with the referendum process and the re-occupation of Kirkuk, Rojavan Kurds with the invasion and annexation of Afrin and its vicinity and the ongoing population change, and the Northern Kurds have seen the truth with the destruction of Kurdish cities and the basements of atrocity in Cizre.


The PUK has been an organization that was within the Kurdish national unity more or less to date, and that is how all Kurds know the situation. It is known that one of the important values of the Kurdish people, Mam Jalal was such a person. As was Nosirewan Mistefa who was the most prominent name in the PUK for years before he went on to found the Goran Movement. Will the PUK actually achieve “gains” if they turn their back to such a legacy? How will it affect PUK’s relationship with Iran to be engaged with the Turkish state to be used against Iran? There are many issues one can list in this context.

Whatever one’s perspective is, there is no doubt that the PUK’s decision against the Tevgera Azadi and RJAK is wrong, and harmful for the PUK and the efforts for Kurdish national unity. Even more so as the decision to shut down the offices of these two organizations has the legal explanation it has.


It would be best for movements that think about Kurdistan refrain from actions that would harm Kurdish national unity. Not adopting views or policies of others is a right for all persons, but the practice should be criticism instead of using force or sanctions.


As it stands, there is no other people in the world who need democracy more than the Kurds do. Democracy is necessary for the Kurds the most, and it is unacceptable that a movement that has a certain place among the Kurds turns against a Kurdish organization with anti-democratic and monist practices and shutting down their offices. Demanding the PUK right this wrong swiftly is a duty for every democratic and patriotic Kurd. PUK righting this wrong will benefit all Kurds.