YBŞ commemorates victims of the KDP attack on Xanesor seven years ago

Seven years ago, KDP troops attacked the town of Xanesor in Shengal and killed twelve people.

On March 3, 2017, the "Roj Peshmerga" troops trained by the Turkish state and the KDP, the ruling party in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, attempted to enter and invade the town of Xanesor in Shengal. The evening before, trenches were dug in the vicinity of Xanesor and Sinun. Women from Shengal wanted to fill in the trenches again and were attacked. The Shengal Defense Units sought talks with the other side to evaluate the situation and calm the tense situation. Even before the meeting was concluded, an advance was launched with thirty Hummers and other armored vehicles with heavy weapons. The troops were equipped with weapons and vehicles that European countries had supplied to South Kurdistan for the fight against ISIS.

The Shengal Defense Units (YBŞ) and the Shengal Women's Units (YJŞ) were put in a defensive position together with the Yazidi Internal Security Forces, the Asayîsh. The guerrillas from the HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops), who were still present in the region at the time, proposed negotiations to avoid fighting. Two HPG fighters, Çekdar Sinan and Orhan Baran, stood in front of one of the advancing armored vehicles to stop the advance. They tried to stop the military vehicle with their hands, and both were killed. Journalist Nûjiyan Erhan was deliberately murdered as she captured these scenes with her camera. She succumbed to her injuries from a shot to the head in hospital on March 22. TAJÊ (Yazidi Women’s Freedom Movement) activist Nazê Naif and seven YBŞ members were also killed in the ensuing clashes.

Releasing a statement on the anniversary of the Xanesor attack, the YBŞ Command said, "The attack on Xanesor was the plan of the occupying states and was carried out by the KDP. The Xanesor attack took place after the liberation of Shengal. Shengal was liberated by the sons and daughters of this people under the leadership of HPG, YJA-Star and YBŞ-YJŞ forces. Shengal was not liberated with the support of foreign powers and some different circles. This victory was achieved entirely by the people's own will."

The statement continued:

"After this victory, the people gradually organized their own force and developed their self-administration. The occupiers could not tolerate this success. The attack was carried out as a result of this intolerance. We need to understand the content of the March 3 attack on this basis. This attack is linked to the intolerance against the will of the people as a whole. Because after the liberation of Shengal, the people were organized and they did not need outside management. Organized peoples become independent in terms of security, culture and politics. From this perspective, the reasons for the KDP's anger and approach can be understood. Because the KDP has been deceiving the people for years, saying 'I am your will, I am your security'. The last genocide showed very clearly that this was not the case. When ISIS entered Shengal, the KDP fled. After the region was completely liberated, the KDP took action and brought its armored vehicles to the liberated areas.

Our people reacted to the betrayal. The people and guerrillas of Shengal joined forces and declared mobilization. On March 3, when deaths took place, we saw the people of Shengal develop a single voice and great resistance against occupation. Under the leadership of Comrade Nazê from the social sphere, Comrade Nujiyan from the free press, and Comrades Orhan, Çekdar and Çiya from the military sphere, a total of 12 of our comrades were martyred to prevent this treacherous occupation. These lands were not abandoned to the KDP.

Today, covertly or overtly, there is a lot of calculation going on over Shengal. The KDP frequently threatens this geography, not only by threats, but also by plans and initiatives. It is noteworthy that the KDP leans on the Turkish state, which is responsible for many genocides in Shengal throughout history. The KDP knows very well how sensitive we are as the Yazidi people against the Ottoman-Turkish occupation. However, it still does not give up its dirty plans. They know very well that we are being very careful to avoid a war. This time, all the efforts of the KDP will lead to a strong reaction. This time, we are more ready than ever to protect both our people and our gains.

From the beginning of the genocide until today, we have paid a great price like Berxwedan, Mam Zeki, Zerdeşt, Mam Beşir, Arin, Berivan, Seid, Dijwar and Azad in our struggle to live freely in a free country. Whatever the attacks, wherever they come from, we will fight to the end in the footsteps of our martyrs who wrote epics, and we will realize their dreams and goals. Today, we reiterate the promises we made under the most difficult conditions and circumstances, magnifying them in the person of our Xanesor martyrs.

On this basis, we commemorate with gratitude our Xanesor martyrs and all martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of a humane, equal and free life and bow before them with respect. In the light of our martyrs, victory will be ours and our people's."