YJA Star guerrillas: We will increase the resistance with the fire of Newroz

YJA Star guerrillas said that the Newroz celebrations in the mountains of Kurdistan were seen as a response to today’s cruel tyrants and added: "This year, we will increase the struggle."

YJA Star guerrillas spoke to ANF about their feelings and expectations for this year’s Newroz celebrations.

YJA Star guerrilla Adar Ararat, started her speech by saying: "I salute the Newroz of our leadership, our martyred friends and our people." She stated that this year’s Newroz has been met with great enthusiasm in the mountains of Kurdistan. Guerrilla Ararat said that despite all the efforts of the fascist genocidal state, the Kurdish people have not forgotten the historical Newroz tradition.

Emphasizing that the tradition of resistance carried by the Newroz is engraved in the memory of the Kurdish people thanks to the resistance of Kawa the Blacksmith and Mazlum Doğan, guerrilla Adar Ararat continued: “The enthusiasm and celebrations of Newroz in the mountains of Kurdistan are seen as a response to the cruel today’s tyrants. This year, we will further increase the legacy and struggle of our friends. We will definitely ensure the physical freedom of Leader Apo and the freedom of the Kurdish people."

We will light the fire of Newroz with the spirit of the martyrs

YJA Star guerrilla Rojîn Befircan saluted both Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish people on Newroz, and said: “It is much more meaningful for me to welcome Newroz this year, especially as a woman. The meaning of Newroz this year is very different for us. During the Turkish invasion attacks, dozens of our friends fell as martyrs in front of our eyes, killed by chemical weapons. We will light this year's Newroz fire with the spirit of these friends, and we will commemorate them by making the Newroz fire even stronger.”

Guerrilla Befircan said that the Newroz fire lit by Mazlum Doğan represents the spirit of resistance not only for the Kurdish people, but for all oppressed peoples, and added: "This fire this year will be even stronger. The genocidal state is attacking us and our people with all kinds of weapons. However, it cannot extinguish the fire of resistance that the Kurdish people have lit. This resistance will grow and the Newroz fire will grow stronger.”