21st KNK Congress re-elects Zeyneb Murat and Ahmet Karamus as co-chairs

The 21st Congress of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) re-elected Zeyneb Murat and Ahmet Karamus as co-chairs. The co-chairs promised to work for the interests of the Kurdish people.

The 21st congress of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), which started on Friday in Den Haag, the Netherlands, continues.

The congress, which was attended by a total of 350 delegates from 52 political parties, institutions and organizations, and 20 observer party representatives, was the scene of intense discussions, suggestions and criticisms.

An election was held for the KNK co-chairmanship. In the election in which 350 delegates were present, Zeyneb Murad and Ahmet Karamus, were re-elected as KNK co-chairmen for the second term.

Karamus: Our target is the unity of Kurdistan

Speaking to the delegates after the election, Ahmet Karamus said that they have been making efforts to fulfill their responsibilities since they were first elected in 2019, and added: “Today, the process our people go through is critical. No matter how hard we try and carry out work, we will fall short in our response.”

Karamus reiterated that they promised to work in the presence of the congress delegates and continued as follows: “We promise to work in the presence of the four parts of Kurdistan and Kurds in the Diaspora. We promise on the blood of our martyrs that we will work, in the next two years, for democracy, freedom and peace against the occupation. Our greatest effort will be to meet around a strategy that defends national unity and Kurdistan.”

Zeyneb Murad: We have a big burden on our shoulders

The other co-chair, Zeyneb Murad, thanked the delegates for their vote and said: “We have a great burden on our shoulders, I am aware of this. Both the situation our people are in and the process we are going through are difficult, but we believe that we will overcome this.”

The 21st congress of the KNK will come to an end after the election of the council members to be held today and the planning of the new term.