40th anniversary of the PKK celebrated in Kurdistan mountains

The 40th anniversary of the PKK is being celebrated with great enthusiasm in the mountains of Kurdistan. PKK Executive Committee Member Ruken Garzan spoke and said, "The Freedom Movement will continue to fly socialism’s flag in the 41st year."

40th anniversary of the PKK is being celebrated in the Medya Defense Zones with various activities. PKK Executive Committee Members Ruken Garzan and Kasim Engin, PKK Central Committee Members Hemrin Dersim and Cemal Serik, HPG and YJA Star commanders Mizgin Goyi, Hezil Ozgur, Ceknaz Kars and Kawa Garzan attended the event that started with a military ceremony.

PKK Executive Committee Member Ruken Garzan spoke after the ceremony and said they will raise socialism’s flag further with great struggle in the 41st year as well.

Garzan said, “We celebrate the 41st year for Leader Apo and all comrades who were martyred for freedom. With this, we remember all comrades with respect and love in the person of Comrades Haki Karer, Delal Amed, Zeki Segali and Atakan, and we promise to embrace their legacy to the end,” and continued: “PKK has left a valuable legacy for the history of Kurdistan in 40 years. It laid the foundation for a free future and a liveable society for the Middle East. Under Leader Apo, the PKK has taken historic steps in 40 years, raising the struggle for freedom and gifting it to humanity. The freedom fighters who waged a great struggle against fascism fight today with great morale and enthusiasm. Kurdish women who led the Women’s Emancipation Ideology are an example for the women of the world and the global public for an equal and moral society. Women’s freedom struggle has been a fundamental area of the PKK’s struggle. The PKK has revealed the colors of women and the youth, posing an example for the peoples of the world in a moral society.


The PKK has fought the imperialist and capitalist system, and put forth the real truth of societies. PKK has waved the flag of socialism against fascism the strongest in 40 years, and today raises the flag for all oppressed peoples, giving a message of a free will and life for all pro-freedom forces. PKK has paved the way for an equal and moral society and spread it throughout the world under the lead of Leader Apo, the martyrs of freedom, Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas and our patriotic people. Fascist states implement policies of annihilation and denial against Leader Apo and the PKK today as well. From the history of the struggle for freedom, it is known that many conspiracies have been responded to harshly and clearly. The international conspiracy implemented through the person of Leader Apo continues today. The international conspiracy will be voided today, as it was in the past. Under the lead of the US, a new attack has been launched against Leader Apo and PKK’s leading cadres. We know that the PKK has held a dear place in the heart of this people in 40 years, and voided all conspiracies. PKK will show the same resolve against these attacks as well. Fascism and the imperialist powers will drown in their own conspiracies and the Freedom Movement will fly the flag of fascism in its 41st year as well,” putting forth the resolve the PKK has.

Garzan concluded with: “We promise that we will end fascism and we will create a free life. Let’s break the isolation, let’s topple fascism, let’s free Kurdistan.”