Ciao Orso - memorial for Lorenzo Orsetti in Florence

Lorenzo Orsetti (Tekoşer Piling) fell a martyr in Baghouz, Deir ez-Zor in March.

Thousands of people paid tribute to Italian YPG volunteer Lorenzo Orsetti (Tekoşer Piling) who had fought with the YPG in Rojava and fell a martyr in Baghouz town of Deir ez-Zor.

In Florence, a demonstration was held to pay tribute to the YPG internationalist who died on 18 March during the battle to free the last stronghold of the ISIS terrorist organization.Lorenzo Orsetti came from Florence and had gone to Rojava in 2017. Last year he fought in Afrin against the Turkish invaders.The last ISIS enclave of al-Bagouz in eastern Syria was freed a few days after his death, on March 23, when the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared victory over the ISIS.