Four people have died of coronavirus in Mardin

The number of people who lost their lives due to coronavirus increased to 4 in Mardin.

It was reported that at least 4 people died in Mardin after contracting the coronavirus.

According to the news, Verdê Çetin was the last to die. It was reported that her husband Cahit Çetin, 64, died on the same day before Çetin. Both were being treated in Kızıltepe district.Other two people had died earlier, H. Nuri Ercan (66) in the district of Midyat and Rıdvan Kaya (70) in the district of Artuklu.

It is not known whether these people are included in the list announced by the Turkish Ministry of Health. However, there was no death reported in Mardin in the list announced on 1 April, only 34 cases were reported.