From 15 August 1984 to Heftanin 2020

YJA Star commander Berfin Nurhak draws a historical line from the beginning of the PKK's armed struggle on 15 August 1984 and the resistance against the Turkish invasion of Heftanin today.

Berfin Nurhak is one of the commanders of the women's guerrilla troop YJA-Star. In an interview by ANF, she talks about the significance of August 15 for today's struggle. On August 15, 1984, a guerrilla unit led by Mahsum Korkmaz (Egid) had struck a barracks of the Turkish military police in Eruh, Siirt province in Northern Kurdistan. A guard soldier and an officer were killed, but there were no guerrilla losses. The founding declaration of the HRK (Hêzên Rizgarîya Kurdistan) was then read out over the loudspeaker of a mosque. Berfin Nurhak said this about the importance of the resistance: "Comrade Egid's leadership and his resistance are a continuation of the resistanant attitude of Kemal Pir, Haki Karer and Hayri Durmuş. He has strengthened and deepened the line of the self-sacrificing struggle of the PKK with his commitment and courage. He has sown the seeds of resistance.

"The bond of comradeship"

Nurhak continued: "The bond of comradeship woven in the days of the foundation of the PKK, of which Heval Egid is a part, has created great strength and solidarity. Our friend Egid also drew his strength from this culture of comradeship."

The Line of Liberation

Nurhak emphasizes that the liberation of women has always been a central theme for leader Abdullah Ocalan. She recounts: "Even back then he was convinced that women could fight in the mountains and raise an army. The creation of female commanders is closely linked to the level of his attachment to women. This attitude still gives us much strength today."

From Eruh to Heftanin

Nurhak classifies the current resistance of Heftanin into this resistance tradition and says: "The reason why the guerrillas resist even such fierce attacks lies in Apoist philosophy. This gives them the strength. At the same time, there is the legacy that Egid left us at the front. The guerrillas act on the basis of this heritage. The personalities of Esmer, Nucan and Rustem, who fell in Heftanin, are the best examples of this. This line will continue to produce new heroes from Eruh to Heftanin."