YJA Star: 15 August Initiative marks the renaissance of women

YJA Star Central Headquarters Command issued a written statement to mark the 15 August 1984 initiative.

YJA Star Central Headquarters Command drew attention in a written statement to the guerrilla resistance against the Turkish occupation forces in Heftanîn and emphasized that "the Turkish state should know that the revenge of our martyrs is the reason for victory today."

YJA Star's issued a message to mark 15 August 1984. The message said: "We celebrate the 15 August as a renaissance feast led by commander Mahsum Korkmaz (Agit). We celebrate all comrades who fell martyr and fought for this cause. We celebrate especially Rebêr Apo [Abdullah Ocalan]. We congratulate all our patriotic people at the time and promise that we will achieve greater success.”

The statement continued: “Just as the 15 August initiative is of great importance for the Kurdish people, it has the same importance for Kurdish women. Women have gone from the position of being sentenced to darkness, exploited, commodified to a position of struggling in a great women's army able to ensure self-defense for herself and all women. Undoubtedly, the 15 August initiative has a great importance. The women's struggle that developed under the leadership of Sara [Sakine Cansiz] continued in the person of Besê Anuş, Heval Azime and Heval Havva. In fact, women friends took part in the planning and preparations of the Eruh action that took place on 15 August 1984. There were also women friends who took part in this action both at the command level and as fighters. At that time, Heval Besê Anuş, Heval Azime, Heval Hava and many of our female comrades were fighting in the mountains of Kurdistan from Botan to the South and to Lolan. In a period where women were so oppressed and exploited, they were fighting and resisting in the mountains of Kurdistan.”

The statement said: “Every bullet fired in Serhat, Botan, Dersim and all guerrilla areas, especially Heftanin, is the revenge of women. The unparalleled resistance of the female guerrillas led by Commander Esmer in Heftanin has become the contemporary face of the 15 August spirit. The fascist Turkish state should know that the revenge of our self-sacrificing comrades is a great reason for war and victory for us today.

We promise to fulfil our task with the philosophy of free life created by our Leader [Ocalan], the war spirit of comrades Egîd and Zîlan. We vow to achieve the freedom of our Leader on this basis. On the 36th anniversary of the 15 August initiative, we claim that we will secure victory and establish the democratic autonomy in Kurdistan and democratic confederalism in the Middle East.”