From the mountains of Agrafa solidarity with Rojava

On the anniversary of the revolution in Rojava, activists from the Summer Laboratory of Social Ecology sent their revolutionary and internationalist greetings from the mountains in Agrafa / Greece to the mountains of Kurdistan.

On the anniversary of the Rojava revolution, internationalists had the opportunity to be in Agrafa, as part of the Summer Laboratory of Social Ecology and had a presentation about the Rojava revolution and its principles of democratic, ecological and women’s liberation, in harmony with nature and people.

“A real social experiment – said activists - that shows us ways, methods and tools of resistance and fight in every corner of the world for the creation of a free society.”


Activists said in a statement. “In recent weeks, in the area of Agrafa, in central mainland Greece, an area with several mountain peaks at an altitude of over 2000 meters, many movements of citizens have met and have given their presence so as not to destroy this area by the installation of many industrial plants (wind turbines and hydroelectric dams). The area of Agrafa is a symbol of resistance and freedom, as it was the center of guerrilla action against fascists and Nazis during World War II.”

They reminded that “the companies and the Greek state do not just intend to destroy these mountains. They intend to make every reference to this historical tradition of resistance and to every notion of resistance disappear. Construction companies and police mechanisms are cooperating in order to establish their anti-social and anti-environmental plans. The Kurdish people are well aware of this situation through the example of the Ilisu dam and many other cases.”