MP Dağ: HDP will determine the fate of elections

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Amed (Diyarbakır) Deputy Dersim Dağ said that her party will be crucial in determining the fate of the upcoming elections.

HDP Amed Deputy Dersim Dağ pointed out that the AKP-MHP government was afraid of the HDP's swing vote and attacked the party to maintain its power. She emphasized that the HDP would not submit under any circumstances.

HDP Amed Deputy Dağ spoke to ANF about the elections expected to take place on May 14. Dağ underlined that the key question for both the people and the political parties is about what kind of political system will govern Turkey. According to her, the political parties that ignore this are doomed to failure. “The HDP will determine the fate of the upcoming elections. Almost all polls show that a presidential candidate will win in the event of being supported by the HDP. This is a reality accepted by society.”


Dağ continued: “As the AKP-MHP alliance realizes that it will lose the elections, it attacks the opposition more ferociously. It seeks to consolidate its hegemony by spreading fascism to all segments of society. Almost all elected officials of the HDP are imprisoned. Trustees have been appointed to Kurdish municipalities. Kurdish people’s right to vote has been violated. The Kurds have been deprived of citizenship in some way. Journalists are detained on unlawful charges. The government wants to move the war beyond the borders and destroy the Kurdish achievements in Rojava. It offers all the resources to Russia, Assad and the USA in order to subject the Kurds to genocide. It also seeks to make the isolation in prisons permanent. No matter what it does, the resistance of the people will win. Elections are a chance for Turkey’s peoples to get rid of this government. The Labour and Freedom Alliance is expanding the freedom struggle together with the people.”


The HDP Deputy emphasized that the Labour and Freedom Alliance, established under the leadership of her party, has opened a new path for the peoples. She continued: “The second century of the republic will be the century of the peoples. In this respect, the presidential candidate supported by the Labour and Freedom Alliance will determine the fate of the elections and the future of the peoples for a century. It is not possible for the Kurds to recognize a political system in which they are not in power, and their citizenship rights are not granted. It is not possible to accept a life in which women are isolated from society. It is not possible to accept a system in which young people are impoverished and unable to realize themselves. The principles of the Labour and Freedom Alliance are therefore clear. We have made it clear that we will support any candidate who is in favour of freedom, labour and the people. We certainly do not force people to choose between the government and the main opposition. We continue our claim to democratize the republic.”


In reference to the closure case against the HDP and the treasury aid cut, Dağ recalled that they achieved a historic victory in the June 7, 2015 elections by getting more than 13 percent of the votes without receiving any money from the Treasury. She said: “While the fascist AKP-MHP government continues to deal with the closure case and conspiratorial cases against our party, it wants to hold the elections by disenfranchising the Kurds, the peoples, faiths and other identities. Therefore, the election expected to take place on May 14 will be between the honourable politics of the HDP and its alliances and the representatives of a corrupt mentality. Youth and women will determine the outcome of the elections. This election will be crucial to bring the destruction created by the AKP-MHP in Kurdistan to account. Turkey’s peoples are not without options. We want freedom and equality in Kurdistan and Turkey. No matter what, we will not submit to the AKP-MHP fascist government, and we will continue the struggle.”