Internationalists in Long March: Isolation is against humanity

The internationalists marching from Luxembourg to Strasbourg: The isolation imposed upon Mr. Ocalan is against humanity.

Every year internationalists march from Luxemburg to Strasbourg to condemn the international conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The long march this year is attended by many internationalists from Germany, Spain, Italy, South America, Portugal, France, and other countries. Some of the internationalists spoke to the ANF about their participation and goal in the march.

‘I joined because of Ocalan’s analysis on the Democratic Modernity’

A German demonstrator, Alex Dicrahmann stated that Ocalan possessed significant importance for the young generation, and said: “Ocalan expresses very important and new issues. The main reason for me to join this march is Ocalan’s Democratic Modernity analysis. People in Europe, America, Africa, and throughout the entire world, should realize this analysis that is against injustice and can end the war in the Middle East. I am confident that Ocalan’s Democratic Confederalism is the first step to resolve the mentioned problems.”

Fear of Ocalan’s ideas was the reason behind the conspiracy

Dicrahmann stressed that the international conspiracy was carried out for fear over the spread of Ocalan’s ideas and added; “They were afraid of Ocalan’s ideas which met with reality. The whole world has witnessed the implementation of Ocalan’s ideas in Rojava. We can also conduct a similar system in Germany, yet we have to work a lot for that. The Left in Germany still has time. I myself feel that I have a responsibility to realize those ideas.”

Rojava Revolution is an alternative for the Leftist forces

Another German activist, Teho Albrecht highlighted the importance of internationalist solidarity with the Kurdish freedom movement and said: “The revolution in Rojava gave hope to many young people around Europe. The Rojava Revolution is a great practical revolution of our time, it showed to all of us that there is an alternative to the Capitalist modernity.”

Albrecht pointed to the importance of Ocalan’s ideas and noted that Ocalan has manifested a practical experience eliminating all the mistakes made in the history of the Left.

“I see that he is meticulously combining several ideas to free people. We have responsible to spread these ideas throughout Germany and Europe. Most importantly, he is developing the revolution with an approach of emancipating women.”

The isolation is against humanity, it is a dreadful occurrence

Albrecht mentioned that Ocalan was held under a dreadful condition, and criticized the policies of the German state. “Ocalan’s isolation is against humanity, it is a dreadful occurrence. A policy similar to Turkey is taking place in Germany. The internationalists who are supporting the Kurds, are under pressure. The state of Germany backed the Turkish state during the illegal occupation of Afrin, and I am disappointed by that. We worked day and night to prevent that because we feel responsible for the revolution and entire humanity,” Albrecht added.

‘I do not understand why the European states are neglectful about the isolation’

Another internationalist activist, Kristina Reed stated that she was influenced by Ocalan’s writings on Democratic Confederalism. Reed highlighted the silence of the European states about Ocalan’s isolation and said: “The isolation of Mr. Ocalan amounts to a violation of human rights. There is no precedent around the world that someone is prevented from speaking to other people or communicating. That is why I am shocked by this isolation. I do not understand how the so-called democratic states in Europe could be so neglectful about Ocalan’s situation.”

Influenced by Ocalan’s approach to the women’s question, German activist Amara Serbest had traveled to Rojava where she stayed for a year and a half. Serbest stated that Ocalan was not only struggling for the Kurds, but also for all humanity. Serbest who speaks fluent Kurdish had participated in the establishment of first Jineology academy in Rojava’s Hasakah region.

‘Ocalan can be freed through spreading his ideas’

Serbest noted that soon she will be teaching lessons on Jineology in Germany and Switzerland. “Ocalan’s philosophy is for the entire humanity. He has been imprisoned for the past 20 years. The states do not want his ideas to be spread. We must spread Ocalan’s opinions if we intend to free Ocalan,” Serbest added.