KONGRA-GEL: Let's protest Turkish state terrorism

KONGRA-GEL said: “Let's put pressure on the international institutions and public opinion that remain silent towards Turkish state terrorism. We must show our anger through our actions”.

KONGRA-GEL Co-Presidency Council said in a written statement: “The war concept of the Turkish state which is based on a technologically advanced warfare has  remained inconclusive thanks to guerrilla resistance. The Turkish state is committing all kinds of war crimes in order to achieve results from the intense conflicts that have been going on for six months,”.

The statement continued: "The Turkish state is using chemical weapons and all kinds of toxic gases against the guerrillas. Images of two guerrillas poisoned by toxic gases have just been published in the press. These images reveal Turkish state terrorism and Turkey's Kurdish genocide policy. These images are genuine evidence of what is going on. We should put pressure on the international institutions and the public who remain silent to react to Turkish state terrorism.” 

The statement added:“Despite all this, if the relevant institutions, especially the UN and OPCW, do not act, it means that these institutions are directly complicit in the Turkish war crimes.

We call on our people and our friends to stand up and mobilize and to put pressure on the international institutions and public opinion that remain silent. We must show our anger through our actions, and we must stand up in this difficult time.

The poisoning of the Kurdish fighters means the poisoning and destruction of the Kurdish people. Do not remain silent about the Turkish state committing war crimes. Silence means death, a complicity to war crimes. International institutions and the public must act immediately.”