Kurdish politician’s hearing held in Stuttgart

Kurdish politician Salih K.’s hearing was held in Stuttgart.

The 14th hearing for the case against Kurdish politician Salih K. in the Stuttgart State Court was held.

Ridvan O., who is in witness protection and had testified against several Kurdish politicians, was brought to the hearing under extreme precautions. Ridvan O. was born in the Cila village of Hakkari’s Cukurca district, and his family was exiled constantly due to Turkish state pressure. The family was forced to become village guards. Ridvan O. was in the mountains until July 2007, and crossed into Iraq with his ex-wife. Ridvan O. had some allegations against Kurdish media.


Ridvan O.’s contradicting statements caused the judge and prosecutor to ask him to clarify several times. The witness targeted Kurdish associations and the Kurdish patriots who frequented the associations.

A recording of a phone call between Ridvan O. and Salih K. was played at the hearing.

Ridvan O. said he “said no such thing” repeatedly as Lawyer Anna Busch asked him about his statements at the refugees office.

Ridvan O. said the organization helped him, but in his statements at the refugees office, he stated that he received help from the church and families in the church gave him money.

The next hearing was scheduled for July 15.