Kurds in Strasbourg join the "100 thousand cards to Imralı" campaign

Kurds got together in Strasbourg for the "100 thousand cards to Imralı" campaign.

A public meeting was held at the Strasbourg Democratic Kurdish Community Center in Strasbourg. The meeting was organized by the French Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-F).  

Bîşeng Cûdî paid tribute to revolutionary Feryal Süleyman who was murdered in Kirkuk last week.

Cûdî said that the Kurds waged a historical struggle against genocide, and underlined that the guerrillas and Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan displayed great resistance against the policies of the Turkish government.

Cûdî underlined that Kurdish People's Leader Öcalan is the will of the Kurdish people and said: "Our Leader is the addressee of the solution to the Kurdish question.”

Cûdî added: "The 100 thousand cards to Imralı" campaign wants to draw attention to the fact that we have had no news from Imrali for three years. They want to make the Kurdish people forget their leader. However, the red line of the Kurdish people is the Leadership. By sending a card, we declare that our will is Öcalan, and that there can be no solution without him. We state that the solution to the Kurdish question does not pass through war but through Imrali."

After the statement, postcards were filled and sent to Imrali by the activists.