Peace Mothers: We don't want to see coffins coming out of prisons

Havva Kıran, a member of the Peace Mothers Initiative, spoke about the enforcement law regulation and said: "As mothers, we do not want to see coffins coming out of prisons. All prisoners must be released."

The coronavirus continues to spread in the world as well as in Kurdistan and Turkey. On Thursday there were 42,282 cases reported and 908 dead.

Despite the quick worsening of the situation no measures have been taken in prisons, considered one of the risk categories. The AKP-MHP regime has proposed changes to the law of execution and is now debating them in Parliament. However, the changes do not include political prisoners and this exclusion has prompted mobilization and campaigns among civil society organizations and prisoner's relatives. There are around 300,000 prisoners in Turkish jails. 

Havva Kıran, a member of the Peace Mothers Initiative, talked to ANF about why political prisoners should be released so to avoid the spreading of the coronavirus.

Kıran said that tens of thousands of political prisoners are at risk of contracting the virus. Mothers, said Kiran, don't want to see coffins coming out of prisons.

"They are going to release mercenaries who caused great damage to society, drug dealers and thieves, while those who have been imprisoned for their ideas and thought will remain in jail. This is not something we can accept... thousands of ill and old prisoners are not being released and are vulnerable to the outbreak of coronavirus."

Call to the authorities

Havva Kıran said: "Political prisoners are not stealing. They are not harmful to the society. They are in prison only because they express their opinions. A State should not discriminate between people. Mothers no longer want to see deaths. We want to tell the President, the Minister of Justice and all the officials of this state that we too are citizens of this country. That is why we should be given the rights granted to everyone. So open the doors of the prisons and release all prisoners."