Poland in solidarity with Rojava

Protests against Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria continue worldwide.

Further protests against Turkish invasion of Rojava took place in Polish cities. A demonstration was held in the Polish capital, organized by the women's association called "Women's Alliance, March 8".

Demonstrators gathered in front of the palace of the President of Poland where numerous speeches were held by women who voiced their support and solidarity with the women of Rojava and responded to their appeal. "Every woman in the world should know that the women's revolution in Rojava is also for her," said the participants.

Another protest took place in the city of Wrocław where Kurdish and Polish protesters spoke about the Turkish attack. Leaflets about Rojava were distributed and Kurdish songs were broadcast through loudspeakers.

Activists raised their opposition to Turkey's aggressive behavior, saying; “Erdogan's behavior is a manifestation of aggression, fascism and its purpose is ethnic cleansing. It is a great injustice and the authorities of many countries are not taking appropriate action to stop Turkey's murderous actions.”

The Polish founders of the "Wrocław for Rojava" website also wrote a letter to Polish President Andrzej Duda. The letter reads:

“Dear President, We, Polish citizens, are asking you to take a position on the aggression on the territory of north-eastern Syria, which has been carried out since October 9, by the Turkish state. Turkish aggression poses a threat to the region and the whole world. Wanting to destroy the stable democratic system built by the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, Turkey has formed an alliance with jihadist groups who are Turkey's main combat force in this war. Members of these groups are recruited from the ranks of Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and other radical terrorist organizations.

With the start of the Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria, secret Islamic State terrorist groups were activated, which support Turkey's war effort. This means that the Turkish government has consciously led to a situation where the rebirth of Islamic State is possible - an organization that has created a regime of terror in the self-proclaimed caliphate, whose crimes have shaken public opinion around the world. Islamic jihadists can become a huge threat to Europe, Donald Trump himself admitted.

Paramilitary organizations supported by the Turkish armed forces commit war crimes in the territory they occupy. All over north-eastern Syria is threatened to repeat the fate of Afrin, a region that jihadists seized with Turkey at the beginning of 2018. They established a regime in this area that was no different from the one created by ISIS terrorists. Kidnappings, looting, murders - this is what reality looks like under Turkey's forces. As we write these words, jihadists continue their assault into Syria. Syrian Christians - Assyrians serving in the ranks of the Syriac Military Council are trying to stop the progress of jihadists. Assyrians defend their land. The area that has now been fought for hundreds of years is home to Christians - Armenians and Assyrians, who fled the persecution they experienced because of their faith.

Under the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria and the Syrian Democratic Council, all nations and denominations lived in peace and jointly built a democratic and just society defending themselves against Islamist attacks. Today, again, Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians and representatives of other nations stood up for land and freedom. At stake is their biological survival and preservation of their cultural heritage. If Turkey and its allies win, there may be genocide similar to that which took place over 100 years ago in the Ottoman Empire, when the Armenians were slaughtered by the Turks. We, Poles, remember the tragic experiences of World War II and the crimes that were committed at the time, and we are of the opinion that everything should be done so that this does not happen again in Syria.

Despite the many crimes committed by pro-Turkish paramilitary troops, it is not too late to stop the genocide. However, it is not known for how long the heroes from the Syriac Military Council and the Syrian Democratic Forces will be able to resist the overwhelming enemy forces. You should act immediately! That is why we are asking you to talk to your Turkish counterpart - President Erdogan and express your opposition to violation of international law, support of terrorism and planning of ethnic cleansing. We also ask you to talk to representatives of the Polish government and convince them to take action.

In addition to condemning Turkey's actions, we also demand that all arms exports to this country be stopped, as has been done, among others, by Finland, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. We also demand intervention in the international forum and demand that leaders of other countries take action to stop Turkish aggression.

The best way would be to establish a no-fly zone over northern Syria to cut off jihadists from Turkish air support, without which success on land is impossible. We believe, Mr. President, that you, like us, want to stop the genocide that threatens the people living in north-eastern Syria. We believe that you will not remain indifferent to the heroism of Christian defenders from the Syriac Military Council, who are now defending their freedom against the forces of tyranny. We hope that as the President of the Republic of Poland, you will stand up to the challenge, i.e. in defense of international law, and you will put your hand to stop radical Islamist terrorists from the organization of Islamic State from reaching Europe, including Poland.”