Salih Muslim: Turkish state is entering a dark period

PYD Co-Chair Muslim said that the AKP-MHP fascism helped Hezbollah to win parliamentary seats with its corrupt methods and mafia alliance, but it is collapsing from within and entering a dark process.

Co-Chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Salih Muslim spoke to ANHA about the results of the elections in Turkey and North Kurdistan and the alliance of the AKP, the MHP and Hezbollah.

Muslim described the May 28 presidential election as "an unjust election" and said: “The Kurdish people were subjected to attacks by the state. The government wanted to destroy and eliminate the Kurds in this election. It wanted to finalize the attacks carried out in Kurdistan in the last 8 years, but failed.”

Noting that the Kurds were successful in the elections, Muslim continued: “Despite all the attacks, pressure and fraud, the Green Left Party won 61 parliamentary seats. 31 of these MPs are women, which is a great achievement in itself. They defended themselves and became the 3rd biggest party in the parliament. These achievements of the Kurdish people will enable all women and freedom forces in Turkey to retrieve their essence. The Kurds have proven that they can defend themselves and lead the struggle for democracy.”


Muslim underlined that the peoples of Turkey should get rid of chauvinism for a common and democratic life: “We were saying that the Turkish state might lean towards democracy and recognize the rights of the Kurds. However, we also saw in the elections that chauvinism has become a part of their existence. The people of Turkey should have resisted the political, social and economic problems at least.”


Muslim warned that the alliance of the AKP and the MHP with Hezbollah would pose great dangers to the Kurdish people, who, therefore, should be careful. He pointed out that the Turkish state had completely fallen into the hands of the mafia, Hezbollah and crime rings, adding: “While there are the Kurds and those who promote democracy on one hand, there are dark gangs on the other. They unleashed ISIS against us in Rojava. In North Kurdistan, they afflict the Kurdish people with Hezbollah. They gathered the Free Cause Party (Hüda-Par- the political wing of Kurdish Hezbollah), the mafia and drug lords around Erdogan to maintain his power. The Turkish state will enter a dark period, and no one will understand where it will end up. Because the state has fallen into the hands of crime rings, the mafia and Hezbollah.”


Remarking that Turkey resembled Afghanistan, Muslim stated: "We should act knowing that a new Afghanistan is our neighbour. 

The AKP-MHP's policy against North and East Syria has been exposed and will be maintained. If they can, they will attack again. This government poses a danger to the entire Middle East. They will consolidate mercenary groups under their control and pursue their policies through them. But the Turkish state is collapsing from within. It has gone bankrupt economically, politically and socially. International powers will not support their attacks. There is no one to back Erdogan's policies. But we must take precautions. We don't expect anyone to protect us. Our people have assumed a historic responsibility and leadership in the Middle East and will continue to do so.”