Swedish politicians in solidarity with Leyla Güven

“She is one of the most courageous politicians I have ever known in Kurdistan. She has been on a hunger strike for a long time. Her health is at a critical stage."

MEP Sarayo Post, Left Party deputy Håkan Svennig and former deputy mayor of Stockholm city and International Left Forum president Ann-Margarethe Livh, expressed their support to Leyla Güven.

Speaking to ANF Sarayo Post, known for her work with Feminist Initiative said that developments in Turkey are worrying in many respects.

Post added: “I am very much aware of the isolation against Öcalan. I brought the issue of isolation up when we met with the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Interior in Ankara as a European Union Delegation in September-October last year.”

Post also spoke of how Erdoğan broke up with the United States andwanted to fix relations with the European Union. “we made clear our demands. The first of these demands was the respect of the state of law. People should be able to demand legal representation and have a fair trial.”

Recalling that more than 110,000 public servants have been sacked after the failed coup of 2015, Post said: “We talked with many of these people dismissed and on the other hand we also saw the pressures on journalists, intellectuals and LGBTI people. Terror laws are used to intimidate opponents.”

Post finally expressed solidarity with Leyla Güven and all the hunger strikers.

“Kurds - said Post - should be free in their motherland and exercise their rights."

Ann-Margareth Livh, former Deputy Mayor of the City of Stockholm and President of the International Left Forum, said that she personally knows Leyla Güven and met her several times.

“She is one of the most courageous politicians I have ever known in Kurdistan. She has been on a hunger strike for a long time. Her health is at a critical stage."

Stating that Güven's hunger strike and her health situation have not been brought to the public's attention enough, Livh added: “I regret that I could not contact her and that I could not visit her. In Stockholm, we must organize a solidarity action for Leyla. I don't think a demonstration will change the situation, but it's important that women's organizations promote a joint action.”

Noting that the prisoners in prison should know that the outside world has not forgotten themselves, Livh emphasized that they will support Güven and hunger strikers until the end.

Left Party MP and Foreign Policy Spokesperson Håkan Svennig said that Leyla Güven and hundreds more people had to go on hunger strike because the Turkish government does not respect Öcalan's rights.

"Turkey should release all political prisoners, starting with Leyla Güven”, said Svennig adding: “Their detention is unacceptable because their crime is having expressed their views. International pressure is required for the release of Leyla Güven, Selahattin Demirtaş and other HDP representatives.”

Sevennig said that the local elections in March would not be fair. “In the last elections, the HDP was not given the opportunity to run its electoral campaign fairly. Candidates are at risk of being arrested and at risk. HDP members are harassed, oppressed and arrested. Previously elected mayors were dismissed.”