The coronavirus pandemic doesn't stop murders in Colombia

Violence against social leaders in Colombia continued despite the ongoing quarantine imposed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The coronavirus pandemic doesn't stop violence against social and agricultural leaders in Colombia.

In fact, precisely because the social leaders are complying with isolation in their homes as part of the restrictive measures for the spread of the virus, they have become easy targets for attacks.

According to The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, about 24 social leaders have been murdered in 2020, at least 8 during the quarantine. 

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights said on Twitter that the aggression against John Restrepo, leader of the LGBTQI community in Medellin, was a horrific crime. Restrepo was complying with the quarantine measures when he was attacked in his home.

In addition, several social organizations reported the murders of Angel Ovidio Quintero, president of the council of the municipality of San Francisco, and those of the indigenous people Omar Guasiruma and Ernesto Guasiruma, of the Embera people in the Valle del Cauca.

Social leader Carlota Isabel Salinas’ assassination was reported on March 26 in the Bolivar Department. At the time of her murder, Salinas was asking for help for those most in need in the face of the threat of the virus. For 10 years, she belonged to the Colombia Feminine Organization.

Last Sunday, the corpse of Luis Soto, agriculture leader, was found. The former council member was shot to death in Puerto Libertador municipality, in the Cordoba department.

Social and Human Rights Organizations requested that Colombian President Ivan Duque protect these guides and social leaders.