Thousands demonstrate against the PKK ban in Berlin

The ‘Lift the PKK Ban’ Initiative, founded by German, Kurdish and migrant organizations demanding an end to the German state’s ban, is holding a massive rally in Berlin today.

The PKK ban, which was introduced on November 26, 1993 by the German government under Helmut Kohl, is entering its 28th year this year. Unlike previous years, public campaigns are carried out in a more organized way this year to lift the PKK ban, which has led to the marginalization, crackdown and prison sentences against 1.5 million Kurds who live in Germany.

54 organizations from Kurdish, German and other migrant groups have recently established the ‘Lift PKK Ban’ Initiative’ which emphasizes that the political, cultural, physical and psychological consequences of the 28-year-long ban against the Kurds have reached unprecedented levels. The Initiative also held a series of panels for the German public throughout November.

Thousands of Kurds, socialists, ecologists, anti-fascists, democrats, libertarians, and institutions have gathered in Berlin today to demand "PKKVerbot Aufheben! (Lift the PKK Ban!)" with a massive demonstration promoted by the initiative.

Kurds and their supporters from around the country flocked to the march, where it is highlighted that Germany's 28-year ban is the result of cooperation with the Turkish state. The march began from Hermannplatz after a moment of silence in honour of the martyrs of the freedom movement.

The protesters frequently chant slogans like "PKK is the people, the people are here," "Biji Serok Apo," [Long Live Öcalan] "Biji PKK," ," [Long Live PKK], "Down with the Turkish State," and "Down with Erdogan."

Ulrich Weber, spokesperson for the PKK-Verbot Aufheben Initiative, the organizer of the demonstration, stated that the PKK ban is a disgrace to German democracy.

The march will kick off from Hermannplatz and continue through Sonnenalle, Pannierstr, Glogauerstr, Wienerstr, and Oranienplatz Square before concluding with a rally at Oranienplatz Square.