Turkish air raid kills two young civilians in South Kurdistan

Genocidal attacks of the Turkish state are claiming more civilian lives in three parts of Kurdistan amid a worldwide silence.

Turkish fighter jets have shelled the Xakurke region in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq earlier today. According to reports from the ground, two young men from Shino city of Rojhilat (East Kurdistan, Iran) have lost their life in the bombardment. The slain civilians were named as Faxir Tazeward and Reşîd Mîroyî.

Reports say that the two young men were picking beet on cultivated areas when they were targeted by the air raid. Families have left for the scene to get the bodies.

The Xakurke region is located in the triangle area between North (Bakur), South (Bashur) and East (Rojhilat) Kurdistan. Shino is located in the east and Sidekan in the south of the region.