Week-long actions in Toronto end with a march

Kurdish people continue their actions worldwide demanding an end to the Turkish state’s genocidal campaign in Kurdistan.

The week-long protests and actions organised at various points in Toronto, the largest city of Canada, ended with a long march against the attacks of the occupying Turkish state.

Kurds and their supporters marched from City Hall in the city centre to Dundas Square to make their voices heard.

Chanting "Terrorist Erdoğan", "Stop Turkey's war on Kurds", "Defend Rojava", "Defend Kurdistan", "Bijî berxwedana gelê Kurd", "Bijî berxwedana Zapê", "Bijî Serok Apo", the demonstrators called for support for Rojava and an end to Turkey's attacks on Kurds.

During the action, leaflets in English about the war waged by the fascist Turkish state against the Kurdish people were distributed.

In the press statement, the fascist Turkish state's attacks against innocent civilians in order to hide its defeat on the battlefield were denounced.

It was stated that the attacks of the Turkish state against the Kurds with the MHP-AKP partnership should end as soon as possible, international forces should step in, the airspace of North and East Syria should be declared a no-fly zone, and the Kurdish question should be solved through dialogue and negotiation.

The statement also drew attention to the situation of political prisoners who have been on hunger strike for nearly two months, and called for the immediate freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.