Yazidis in Shengal celebrate anniversary of the establishment of the PKK

Yazidi youth in Shengal celebrated the anniversary of the establishment of the PKK and saluted Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Celebrations began in Shengal for the anniversary of the PKK's establishment on 27 November.

The Yazidi Youth Unions and the Yazidi Young Women's Movement organised a rich celebration program for the anniversary of the PKK's founding.

As part of the celebrations, events were held in front of the Gulbel People's Assembly with the participation of Zorva, Borik and Guhbel institutions on Monday evening. The celebrations were started by writing 'Apo' in the ring of fire.

Speaking at the celebrations, Eli Xêri, a member of the Yazidi Youth Union, said: "The Yazidi people should not forget that it was the PKK that took care of us. Now, we celebrate its foundation and we believe that we will celebrate even more successes in the future. Thanks to the philosophy and ideas of Leader Apo, we found the ground to organize ourselves after the last Yazidi massacre. We found the opportunity to live on our land.”

After the speech, young people danced halay around the fire they lit.