YJA Star guerrilla Evin Encu laid to rest

The body of YJA Star guerrilla Evin Encu, who was not delivered to her family despite being identified, was eventually handed over 11 days later.

The body YJA Star guerrilla Evin Encu was identified by her family through DNA test, but was only handed over to them 11 days later.

Encu was buried in the village of Bêceh under a soldier’s siege.

Evin Encu was one of the 6 YJA Star guerrillas who fell as a martyr as the result of a Turkish state's attack on the Besta region of Şırnak on 22 January.

The family of the guerrilla went to the city center 3 times in 11 days to get the body of their relative, but were not able to get it because she was the nephew of a village guard who died in the same attack.

Five of the six YJA-STAR guerrillas remains have now been delivered to their families. The sixth is waiting to be identified.