24-year-old civilian tortured to death in Afrin

Occupation forces have murdered yet another civilian in Afrin.

According to information provided by a local source in Afrin city center, occupation forces abducted 24-year-old civilian Egîd Mihemed Şêx Hesen from Afraz village of Mabata district.

The corpse of the young man, father of two, was found after he was abducted by the mercenaries. His body, with marks of torture on it, had been left in an olive grove in the Afraz village.

Relatives of the slain man stated that Turkish-backed mercenaries had abducted Hesen three days ago.

On the other hand, it is not known what happened to another civilian, Ehmed Şêx Xelîl, who was similarly kidnapped by the occupation forces in Hikja village of Shiye district.