Forced Islamisation, destruction and usurpation continue in Afrin

The Turkish army and their allied gangs continue their invasion practices in Afrin.

The invading Turkish army and their allied gangs aim to destroy the Yazidis and their culture in Afrin and continue their atrocities.

The gangs are forcing Yazidis to convert to Islam and confiscate their homes to be turned into mosques.


The Turkish state allied gangs have torn down sacred Yazidi spaces of Shex Bereqat Tomb in Ayn Dara, Qere Jirne Tomb in Meydanke and the Shex Adi Tomb in Qibar. They have also confiscated 90% of the olive harvest from the Yazidis in the region.

Local sources say the Turkish state allied gangs have confiscated all the olive harvest in the Feqira village in the Jindirese district. The Firqat Al Hamzad gangs allied to the Turkish state had issued verdicts to confiscate the olive harvest recently, and announced that objectors will be fined $1000 and arrested.

The olive harvest in Xilnêrê, Kefershîlê, Maratê, Bablît, Betîte, Bozkê, Telif and Kefer Zeyt villages between Afrin and Jindirese has been confiscated and people are not allowed near their fields.

The Turkish army and their gangs have sent the olives they confiscated to Turkey.


According to information obtained by ANHA, there are several individuals in Afrin who are connected to the Turkish army and work as agents, directing the gangs in Afrin in which houses to confiscate from civilians.

The names of some individuals working for the Turkish army and their gangs that could be acquired were Hemûd Xezal, Mihemed Fadil, Abdullrehman Ali Tofan, Fehim Reshîd from the Tellef village and Ebû Ali, Nasir Mihemed, Hesen Ali Arnî, Abidin Mihemed and Mustafa Mihemed fro the Kefer Shile village.

Mustafa Hemsûr from the Kefer Betrî village was outed as an ENKS member working for the gangs.