Gangs confiscate people’s homes in Afrin

Turkish state allied gang groups are confiscating people’s homes in Afrin.

Turkish state allied gang groups continue to forcibly confiscate the property and houses of the people in Afrin.

Reports say the 9th Brigade of the Nuredin Zengi gangs’ leader Harun al Rashid confiscated the house on the Velat Street (Sheriha Road) that belonged to a citizen from Afrin.

The citizen was removed from their home by force while gang members pressured others in the region to evacuate their homes.

Nureddin Zengi gangs had fled to Afrin after engaging in clashes with the Hayat Tahrir Al Sham gangs led by Al Nusra in Idlib in December 2018 and disbanded themselves after a while to join the Syrian National Liberation Front founded by the Turkish state.